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The A, B, C’s of a flawless interview!

24/09/2013 by


A - Always be prepared; Preparation is the key to success.
B - Banish the self-doubt, you can do this!
C - Captivate your audience! Don’t be a bore.
D - Delve a little deeper; really dig deep in your research beforehand as it will bode well.
E - Enmity; show no hard feelings towards your previous employer. It is unprofessional.
F - Focus; ensure that you are completely in the zone and not watching the bird fly past the window!
G - Gratuity; saying thank you is pivotal.
H - Honesty; one way or another the truth will come out, so be truthful from the beginning.
I - Intrepid, if faced with a challenging question rise to the challenge and do not be afraid.
J - Justify; if you are “an excellent team player” justify why? What have you done to achieve that?
K - Keyboard Warrior- if your CV is amazing and you are really good with words, your interview needs to meet that or exceed their expectations. “Meticulous” and then turning up without a pen … it doesn’t work!!
L - Language is crucial! If it is a technical role, do you know the jargon?
M - Manners; simple things like a firm handshake, holding doors open, standing up when someone comes in, saying please and thank you.
N - Narcissistic; it’s great to be proud of your achievements and be confident, but being too in love with yourself can come across arrogant and could cost you the job.
O - Oversights make sure you read the job description a thousand times. You may miss a tiny bullet point that could cost you the job if you haven’t thought it through.
P - Posture; standing up straight, maintaining eye contact, shoulders back – they are all signs that you are relaxed and confident.
Q - Questions; so many interviews end with “so have you got any questions for us?” “uhmm no, think you’ve covered it all.” They may have covered everything you wanted to know but asking questions shows real interest in the company and their values.
R - Rapport. Follow them on LinkedIn, endorse them for interviews, email them in 6 months’ time asking how they are and how the company is developing etc.
S - Speak-Up; mumbling into the floor will not help your cause. Make sure you project your voice but maintain a good volume.
T - Tactics; you look up your interviewers Twitter account and he’s an avid Tottenham supporter, you’re an Arsenal fan but you can still ask “Did you catch the game this weekend? It shows they can relate to you and talk to you on a level.
U - Umbrella. If it’s raining spend £2 on an umbrella and avoid turning up looking like a drowned rat.
V - Vault. Always hold something good back until the very end. Sometimes when the steam runs out at the end of a long conversation, it’s good to throw something in.
W - Waffle, don’t waffle. If you make a good point but then expand on it too much to the point the interviewer is half asleep, it loses its meaning.
X -
Y - Yawning. Make sure you get some sleep the night before and feel fresh and prepared for your interview. Try your hardest not to be yawning through the interview as the interviewer could possibly end up thinking you find them boring!
Z - Zany. “Amusingly unconventional & idiosyncratic.” You may think it will make you stand out from the rest, it will but for all the wrong reasons!!
You may have noticed ‘X’ wasn’t included. An eye for detail is good, so please do comment on what you think a good tip is beginning with ‘X’!

Written by Maya Gardiner, Montash Internal Communications

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