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Halloween parallels for Recruitment.

31/10/2013 by


Halloween is upon us and to some it is a massive toil on their lives. Having to paint faces, stock up on sweets for the little gremlins who are going to knock on your door and deal with the dog barking every time there’s a visitor covered in blood and cobwebs. However, we should treat every single day like Halloween… To an extent that is. Please do not turn up to work in your Wolf costume (disclaimer)


You know where all your family members, and friends’ parents, and long distant family friends live within a radius of your house-win! You also know that the road next to the school is full of angry pensioners who never answer their door- swerve. You also know that there is a new housing complex further up the road full of young families- BINGO! It’s not about being rude, it’s about assessing what’s the best option for you. What’s the least time consuming option with the greatest rewards. Whether it is new roles to work or toffees.


Blast! The lady who normally gives you lots and lots of awesome sweets gives you those ghastly cough sweets that you hate. What do you do? Throw them? Give up? Throw them back at her and scream in outrage? NO. You play clever. You could meet up with your chums and attempt a swapsies, or you could pop into nanny’s house on the way back as you know she loves a cough sweet and she also has a tendency to give you some cupcakes in return. Turn a potential negative into a positive. Never let something get you down.


Knock Knock. No response. Knock Knock. No response. Knock Knock. Bang Bang Bang Bang. Heckle Heckle Heckle. Do not relent! That house put decorations up for a reason, don’t give up at the first knock. Keep knocking and make sure you get them to answer the door, and when you do eventually get them to open the door. Give them a good reason why they made that decision. I’m talking cutest ghoulish echo, do a little jig in your devil costume, sing a song for crying out loud! Don’t just stand there with your hands open screaming “gimme” make them remember you for next time and give them a reason to invest their time in you.


We all know the way it works, if someone turns up to your house in an awesome costume that they have spent some serious time on they get the goodies. If they turn up all in black with some dust thrown over them it doesn’t really reap the same benefits. In recruitment, if you want to be one of the big boys you need to prepare, do some serious research, show up, dress up and put the work in. This means investing in their business, investing your time, stretching yourself, putting your neck on the line and showing full commitment and a determination unlike anyone else.


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