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Is your workplace like a jungle?

1/10/2013 by


If you dread coming into work out of fear of the awaiting hyenas, the irritating parrots and those slippery snakes you need to look out for- here’s how to re-establish your place as King or Queen of the Jungle!

The Chameleons
Blending into the background, quietly getting along- They amaze you at times, how are they so focused? How are they so efficient at their purpose? You don’t need to worry about these guys too much but a nod of acknowledgement can go a long way to the courteous chameleon.

The Parrots
We all have at least one parrot, someone who doesn’t really contribute a lot of new fresh ideas. Just agrees with the status quo and repeats what has already been said. Best way to deal with this situation is keep them from squawking and flapping and assure them that if their idea doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world- don’t be scared to “Think outside the bird cage”.

The Lions
Everyone likes them, possibly a bit loud, they command attention- and they get it. They are good at what they do and sometimes a bit scary, they rule the roost and they like everyone to know it. The lion has worked his socks off to get to where he is, so treat him with respect and be an asset to the lion not an annoyance or he will bite!

The Hyenas
The hyenas are good at what they do, you may also be good at what you do- but the moment you slip up… They will come together in a pack and come down hard on you. Keep the hyenas at bay by keeping your head way above water; don’t give them the satisfaction of keeping you down. Chin up and fight back (not literally!).

The Snakes
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Allegiances are built in the workplace and you know so and so are really close and Maureen in accounts can’t stand Susan in tech support. The snakes try to drag you into the mayhem of hissing and slithering away when things come to blows. Keep snakes at arm’s length; they would rather inject poison into the working day than do their work. You don’t want to associate with them, leave them to their vindictive ways.

The Monkeys
We all love the monkey; they are cheeky and witty and get up to lots of monkey business. They dodge trouble by the skin of their teeth and they are good persuaders. The monkey injects some fun and laughter into what could be a dull day. All’s fine and well, but remember- the monkey is good at getting out of trouble but also very good at dragging you into trouble. Keep the monkey in the barrel 90% of the time as he is the king of mischief.

Written by Maya Gardiner, Montash Internal Communications

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