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Want a Wicked Working Environment? Halloween Special!

30/10/2013 by


Want a Wicked Working Environment? Time to get the broomstick out and sweep away the office cobwebs, axe the miserable faces and put the bad attitudes in the coffin.

High Expectations

There is nothing worse than thinking your colleague can only amount to point x. Set the standards high and watch them shine, by setting low expectations you are narrowing their reach and allowing them to bumble along.


Don’t treat your colleagues like children. Give them responsibility show that you believe in them, a little bit of trust can go a long way.


Following on from the previous point, trust is vital in any relationship. You need to trust that your team will be there for you and they need to know your there for them. A trustworthy team is a great team!


Meritocracy is something here at Montash that we live and breathe for! If you do well, no matter where you are in terms of maturity, age, sex, race, time at the company you get rewarded! Recognition, whether it is a pat on the back or a well done email, can be really appreciated.

Open Communication

A transparent communication flow is vital; being open and clear in everything you do allows everyone to know where they stand and what the main goal is.

Positive Appraisals

There is nothing worse than watching a colleague sulk into a room, knowing they’re about to get their ear chewed off by their manager for everything they DIDN’T do. Obviously if a member of your team isn’t pulling their weight this needs to be addressed however too much negativity can result in someone shutting off.

Be Approachable

Be approachable! Crack a smile, build rapport with your chums. Don’t be the person people are scared to talk to. You may not realise you are giving off these vibes but many people can be seen as unapproachable this is bad for morale and productivity.


Please do not wrestle one another as a means to display affection. But sport is a great way to bring everyone together. Montash has a ping pong table which encourages some healthy competition and allows expression through the game.

Team Spirit

You spend more time at work than you do with your friends, your kids, your family, your partner. Now, this needn’t be a bad thing. But a good team spirit, and a combined ethos can make such an awesome workplace. Knowing your team is right there behind you or looking out for you is great and can lead to a healthy work ethic.


All in good measure, fun is so important. A silly email at lunch time, or an on-going joke about a team incentive, a laugh between a call or nicknames. Fun is the essence of life, and whilst working hard is important- going out for a drink after work or meeting up outside of work builds a great relationship and allows you to bond with your workmates.

Written by Maya Gardiner, Internal Communications Manager

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