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Twitter exec calls tweets the ‘ultimate business intelligence tool’

10/03/2014 by


Twitter is no longer about tweeting what you ate for breakfast, and it’s poised to get more innovative in how it tracks your activity and serves up data analytics.

Mike Brown, director of corporate development at Twitter, spoke at the CITE Conference here today, expounding on how the social network is really “the ultimate business intelligence tool.”

Because of Twitter’s ability to offer insight into what customers and competitors are saying about each other, customizing the site to offer that data in a more targeted way can help users shape and market their products.

Brown also offered a surprising insight into one of his favorite tweeters, and how it’s an example of how more companies should use Twitter.

“One of my favorite Twitter accounts, …because he just joined recently, is Rupert Murdoch,” Brown said. “Whether you subscribe to his politics or not, the guy tells it like he thinks it and you really get that sense when you read his tweets.

“I think whether you’re a brand or a marketer or a small business owner, [you need] to talk with an authentic voice that feels like your own, [one] your customers know,” he said. “Your customer’s BS meter is pretty good. Don’t hand off your Twitter to your PR agency or even an intern who’s going to be with your business for a short while.”

Brown, who is in charge of Twitter’s mergers and acquisitions, its corporate strategy and business operations, said the company needs to take more risks to be user friendly. He admitted the move may not be welcome by “hard-core, old-school” users, but said Twitter needs to be more accessible to new users.

For example, Brown referred to Twitter’s current interface as “command line” style, which he believes is in need of upgrade to a more GUI-style interface that could follow news threads all around a specific topic.

“This isn’t the voice of Twitter speaking, this is my personal opinion, but we have an opportunity to up-level the chatter on Twitter to share a story in photo, in video and in narrative that helps people understand the story and if they want more detail they can dig into it and see what the conversation is behind the story,” he said.

One of the ways in which Twitter plans to grow its services and revenue is through real-time data analytics about three key audience segments: advertisers; “very important tweeters” (VITs) such as celebrities; and third-party application developers.

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