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Cisco bolsters security features with new acquisition

30/05/2014 by


Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking systems, revealed last week that a new acquisition will bolster its ability to tackle information security. The company announced its intent to buy ThreatGRID, a security firm based in New York. Though the price has not been disclosed, the deal is expected to be made by the end of 2014 and give Cisco enhanced capabilities to deal with cybersecurity.

Cisco already has a number of security features, including the Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) portfolio that combines a number of security solutions; however, ThreatGRID is able to provide intelligent threat analysis technology that will bolster Cisco’s portfolio and give it the ability to protect against various forms of cyber-attacks and malware outbreaks. The result will be that Cisco will improve its security services, both in the cloud and on-site, providing clients with even better safeguards against online threats.

In addition to the intended acquisition, Cisco revealed that it had recently upgraded its data centre and AMP security offerings as malware and other cyber-attacks around the world become more intelligent and subsequently a higher threat. The new and improved AMP includes additional features in security for private cloud appliances, network appliances and endpoints. The changes are likely to have been made in an attempt to better compete with the likes of Check Point, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks, which have all made gains in the cybersecurity industry over the past few years.

Many experts are suggesting that product bundling will become the future for Cisco. One of the most important aspects of modern networking services and products is the ability to provide information security and safeguards against threats. As Cisco makes the move from a hardware manufacturer towards a company offering software solutions, the way software is provided has to change; therefore, it seems that Cisco is creating a foundation where each and every aspect of its business has the architecture to handle software, hardware and service collaboration, providing customers with a more convenient package.

Rather than selling individuals items, the plan from Cisco is to offer four bundles, marketed as Cisco ONE Foundational Elements, Cisco ONE Essentials, Cisco ONE Advanced Security Services and Cisco ONE Advanced Application Services. Each package will have a suite-by-suite licensing agreement, allowing consumers to get exactly what they need in a bundle. Though individual products are expected to remain available, it certainly seems that the future of Cisco will be in security bundle services and product combinations.

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