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Online businesses noting high percentage of breaches

7/05/2014 by


There is an increasing need for many companies to take information security more seriously than ever before. Many firms are solely online ventures, meaning it is essential to safeguard all their data; however, with 81% of businesses with 250 employees or more saying they had noted at least one security breach in the past 12 months, there is reasons to be concerned.

Data revealed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills shows that a large proportion of companies with online operations are at risk of being hacked. For those with less than 50 staff members, 60% said that at least one breach had occurred in the yearly period. With the number of breaches so high, firms are having to spend an increasing amount of time warding off threats and ensuring that their servers are not compromised. The report also established that costs associated with safeguarding against threats has soared for the third consecutive year, with some larger firms spending over £1m in an effort to protect themselves. When the worst-case breaches occurred, small firms lost between £65,000 and £115,000 trying to put things right.

There is some positive news, however, despite the high percentages. Both figures are reduced from those noted in 2013, when 86% of large firms had noted a cyber threat and 64% of smaller companies; however, the costs seen as a direct result of security problems have risen. PricewaterhouseCoopers Scotland-based cybersecurity specialist Rob MacGregor said: “Despite the number of breaches impacting UK business falling slightly in the last year, the number remains high and in many organisations there needs to be more done to drive actual management of security risks. This year the average cost of an organisation’s worst breach has increased. They must ensure that the way they are spending their money in the control of cyber threats is effective. As high-end breaches become more damaging and sophisticated, boards need to be reviewing threats and vulnerabilities on a regular basis.”

The research also showed that threats did not always come from outside a company and were sometimes employee based, whether through malice, error or ignorance. 58% of threats in large companies were caused in this way, and 22% of small firm breaches. This means that companies must place more focus on their own working practices and ensure information security from within.

Written by Montash.

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