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Cloud computing to be embraced by MediaTek and Acer

5/06/2014 by


It has been revealed that two Taiwanese companies, chip designer MediaTek and PC maker Acer, are to embrace cloud computing in a big way. Speaking at the Computex Summit Forum on Wednesday 4th June 2014, the chiefs of the two organisations explained that some changes are to be made in their IT architecture to enable cloud computing options to be utilised.

Addressing the forum, Stan Shih, the chairman of Acer, explained that the cloud computing market had opened a new competitive playing field for companies to work with; as such, it is vital for IT firms to embrace the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and open cloud computing platforms. During his keynote speech, Mr Shih explained that “cloud is destined to happen anyway. It’s an inevitable trend.” Acer is said to have completely changed its strategic direction so that it is capable of taking advantage of many cloud computing benefits.

For the first quarter of the year, Acer revealed that it had returned to profitability after three quarters of consecutive losses. Mr Shih said that its focus on hardware manufacturing is to be lost, with the company now focussing on adopting integrated cloud technology. With this in mind, a new Build Your Own Cloud service is being developed, with Mr Shih expecting to see the offering welcomed by new customers, shareholders and industry value chains alike.

In the second keynote speech at Computex, Tsai Ming-kai, the chairman and chief executive officer of MediaTek, revealed that IT applications were largely focussed on hardware devices in 2010; however, a shift is occurring, with the post-2010 era noting applications based on cloud services. Talking about the current life of Cloud 1.0, Mr Tsai explained that he expected it to last until about 2020, at which time Cloud 2.0 would enable the expansion of further IoT applications to connect billions of devices around the world.

“Instead of offering total solutions to customers as in the past, MediaTek intends to provide some semi-turnkey solutions based on our competitive advantages in the age of Internet of Things to build a friendlier ecosystem among customers,” Mr Tsai said as he expanded on MediaTek’s future.

Both iconic companies turning their attention to cloud services is yet more evidence that the cloud computing industry is here to stay. For organisations debating making the move, it seems that taking steps now will avoid the inevitable push later on.

This article was written by Montash.

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