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Gartner reveals importance of data in big data security

9/06/2014 by


Gartner has published a paper identifying that the best way to conduct big data security is to consider the data itself. One of the central requirements when handling this information is to take a data-centric approach when building safeguards. Though it might sound obvious to secure large repositories of data, many companies do not yet take this safety measure.

In the paper Big Data Needs a Data-Centric Security Focus, Gartner estimated that more than 80% of companies will not have the necessary safeguards in place for their data silos by 2016, which means that big data will be vulnerable to attack. Two of the most prevalent IT trends in the modern era are those of the cloud and big data; whilst the cloud is about how to share and spread information, big data focuses on the consolidation of information. Given the nature of these trends, security implications have to be taken seriously.

Brian Lowans, principal analyst at Gartner, said: “Businesses have traditionally managed data within structured and unstructured silos, driven by inherent requirements to deploy relational database management systems, file storage systems and unstructured file shares.” Mr Lowans explained that the way in which data is being processed, accessed and stored is changing with cloud computing. This means that chief information security officers have to develop data-centric security measures, he continued, adding: “Unfortunately, this is not common practice today.”

With concerns about data security only likely to grow, Gartner has offered some suggestions on how to safeguard information. Firstly, chief information security officers (CISOs) need to consider their current data link switching client access protocol (DCAP) and evaluate how their security policies stand up against it. Cloud storage, big data silos, unstructured data and databases also need to be considered as a top priority; in addition, every effort should be made to identify weaknesses in policies.

Gartner’s research vice-president, Earl Perkins, said: “Although the ability to apply a data security governance policy across data silos is also becoming paramount, the market has so far failed to offer CISOs the data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) products they need to operate across all silos with consistency.”

With the publication of the latest report, it is vital for companies to sit up and take notice of the need to protect big data. Going forward, big data is to take a larger role in company processes and, therefore, it has to be safeguarded.

This article was written by Montash.

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