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New real-time analytics to be offered by Oracle

11/06/2014 by


Oracle, one of the world’s leading IT and ERP providers, has revealed that its latest development will allow executives to have real-time analytics at their fingertips. The new in-memory function also provides a way to speed up business processes by up to 1,000 times.

Available in July, the in-memory upgrade will provide Oracle customers with a way to store a certain amount of data within a system’s memory, thereby speeding up access to information and reducing the time it takes to conduct an analysis. Though no pricing structure has yet been unveiled, it has been indicated that the function is not only available direct from Oracle but also though vendors using Oracle databases, such as HP and IBM.

Tim Shetler, the vice-president for Oracle’s product management, said that though companies such as Microsoft and SAP provide in-memory database options, the major advantage of Oracle’s latest venture is the ease of use. The new venture is currently the only one that integrates seamlessly into existing database.

Mr Shetler explained that real-time enterprise has been around for many years but has not really delivered. Speaking about the new development, he said: “We designed it to be transparent enough to adopt for all existing Oracle database apps out there. You simply install this version of the software and allocate a certain amount of memory and which tables of data you want to be in-memory. There’s no reason to revise apps, no esoteric new language or programming method to learn ‒ nothing really changes, in contrast to other options available for other database customers today to adopt this in-memory capability.” It is often the case, he said, that vendors offering in-memory capabilities require an entire database to be held in-memory, a feat that is often too hard or expensive for companies to do.

Oracle has already been testing the system for nine months and it has been shown that data-related processes can be sped up by almost 1,000 times; for example, one automotive manufacturer had a two-day process of analysing millions of data parts from various suppliers to establish the best profitability. This process now takes just 13 minutes.

Oracle’s new feature will certainly be in great demand for those who want to get things done quickly. As the company becomes the first to offer easily-used and integrated in-memory features, only time will tell how this affects the rest of the market.

This article was written by Montash.

Montash is a multi-award winning, global IT recruitment firm. Specialising in permanent and contract positions across mid-senior appointments which cover a wide range of industry sectors and IT functions, including:

ERP, BI & Data, Information Security, IT Architecture & Strategy, Scientific Technologies, Demand IT and Business Engagement, Digital and E-commerce, Infrastructure and Service Delivery, Project and Programme Delivery.

With offices based in London, Montash has completed assignments in over 30 countries and has appointed technical professionals from board level to senior and mid-management in permanent and contract roles.

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