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Architecture and strategy

15/07/2014 by


Like many industries, the field of architecture and strategy is now heavily influenced by technology. Modern day IT-based tools play such an integral role in the delivery and execution of projects that it is essential for individuals and organisations to keep up with the latest developments, that being the only way to maintain competitiveness.

A number of emerging trends all point toward an increase in the demand for business architecture. Increasingly, organisations are recognising the vital contribution it can make, and are subsequently making it a key part of their business strategy.

In February 2012 Robert Safian, editor of Fast Company, referred to the emergence of ‘Generation Flux’, using the term to describe those business leaders that thrive on fast-paced change and are most likely to adopt new technologies. This style of leader will look to business architecture specialists to ensure such technologies are employed most effectively, and this is reflected in the growth in jobs in IT and technology, such as Chief Data Officers. The remit for this role will generally cover things like digital strategy, data and analytics, information security and assurance, biotech and geotech, bringing these elements together with a coordinated approach and representing them at the most senior level

There are also major steps being made in the use of innovation to drive efficiency. The application of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is being adopted by more and more organisations seeking to empower their employees to identify efficiencies within the internal systems, and maximise profits as a result.

This drive for maximum efficiency is also being reflected in the popularity of services that enable people to control the sheer amount of information with which they are bombarded on a daily basis. We already rely on technology, and will continue to do so, to help us control this through data management tools, like for example subscription-based services.

What does this mean for recruitment in IT?

Businesses will increasingly seek out individuals who can provide the specialist expertise required to ensure they have the right technology and that it is being applied in the most effective way.

The rapid growth and pace of change means that this is an exciting time for anyone working in architecture and strategy, or seeking to start a career in this field. As evidenced by the increase in Chief Data Officer and other IT jobs, this also means greater scope in terms of opportunities for recruitment in technology. Individuals must ensure their own skills and knowledge represent the latest thinking to ensure they can fulfil what the business world now expects of them.

This article was written by Oliver Marsh – Architecture & Strategy Consultant.

For more information please contact Oliver Marsh on, or 0207 014 0231.

Montash is a multi-award winning, global IT recruitment firm. Specialising in permanent and contract positions across mid-senior appointments which cover a wide range of industry sectors and IT functions, including:

ERP, BI & Data, Information Security, IT Architecture & Strategy, Scientific Technologies, Demand IT and Business Engagement, Digital and E-commerce, Infrastructure and Service Delivery, Project and Programme Delivery.

With offices based in London, Montash has completed assignments in over 30 countries and has appointed technical professionals from board level to senior and mid-management in permanent and contract roles.


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