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CRM, ERP and Creative Based Solutions

27/08/2014 by


ERP CRM and creative cloud based solutions

ERP and CRM processes and how they are integrated are a hot topic for all businesses in 2014. The focus is on increasing capital through lower expenses and greater sales, leading to the increased adoption of SaaS and cloud solutions from global providers such as These all-in-one solutions negate the need to manage and monitor areas such as product planning and inventory management separately, thus enabling businesses to make the most out of every single lead, interaction and piece of information in an age where digital solutions are central to long term continuity and success.

Big data offer innovative cloud based software tools to streamline core business processes by sharing information across departments in an instant. This CRM software allows recruitment firms, for example, to import candidates from sources such as email and job boards, search for a candidate via skills profiles and CV content and manage jobs and the placement process from start to finish. It also enables firms like Montash to utilise detailed “market maps” in order to source exceptional talent from across the globe. Salesforce also allows CEOs in sectors such as data and analytics to gain an edge over their competitors by providing an unrivalled, real-time business-monitoring suite.

CRM trends

New developments in ERP and CRM through 2015 are going to define a 'new normal'. Mobile CRM is the latest trend to affect how organisations are managing their relationships with customers on a daily basis. Apps are at the forefront of this movement with Gartner Research predicting that they will grow by 500 per cent before the end of the calendar year. Mobile devices have facilitated an always-online relationship with customers and had a substantial impact on traditional CRM methods. The Salesforce1 platform can help businesses in a range of sectors, such as information security and IT recruitment, to adapt to these developments and connect anything to everything by building bespoke applications. This multi-tenant infrastructure is scalable, secure and enables successful companies to handle key tasks and access invaluable information from anywhere with any mobile device.

Social networking

Social CRM is also growing with businesses now able to fully access social networks such as Twitter and Facebook for the first time. This development is noteworthy due to the fact that almost 80 per cent of companies are now making social media a central aspect of content marketing strategies. These networks provide critical information, such as prospect segments, and are another important tool for connecting organisations to the right customers at the right time.

This article is written by Cristian Amanta - Permanent Consultant - Information Technology Practice. For more information or a detailed discussion please contact Cristian Amanta on: +44 (0)20 7014 0230 or email

Montash is a multi-award winning, global technology recruitment firm. Specialising in permanent and contract positions across mid-senior appointments which cover a wide range of industry sectors and IT functions, including:

ERP, BI & Data, Information Security, IT Architecture & Strategy, Energy Technologies, Demand IT and Business Engagement, Digital and E-commerce, Infrastructure and Service Delivery, Project and Programme Delivery.

With offices based in London, Montash has completed assignments in over 30 countries and has appointed technical professionals from board level to senior and mid-management in permanent and contract roles.


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