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Hadoop's growth opens up demand for data migration tools

28/10/2014 by


Hadoop's explosion over the last few years has been phenomenal. One estimate puts its growth at nearly 60 percent year-over-year, with a market of $50 billion by 2020. As the furious uptake has created demand for Hadoop vendors, an accompanying need for vendors selling Hadoop data migration tools and services is also shaping up.

In theory, getting data into and out of Hadoop is well within the capacity of both the software and its users. Apache's Sqoop project was created to deal with Hadoop import and export, with native support for the usual suspects: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and HSQLDB. But not everyone is comfortable doing the work themselves, so vendors are offering polished import/export solutions that require less manual labor.

Companies with data migration solutions for other, pre-existing platforms are a natural for this space. For example, Attunity, maker of a variety of data-movement solutions, has Attunity Replicate, which also handles many data sources and targets other than Hadoop -- such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Teradata. Attunity offers optimizations specifically for transfers over wide-area networks, clearly intended to appeal to those attempting to migrate mult-terabyte jobs off-premises.

In the same vein, Diyotta DataMover also supports Hadoop as either a source or a target, with an equally large roster of data formats and repositories.

Syncsort specifically targets mainframes, working in conjunction with Cloudera to create a system that harvests data directly from existing mainframes and loads it into Hadoop. Syncsort CEO Lonna Jaffe describes it as "a button you can push to suck in the expensive workloads."

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