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Theneeds Unleashes the Power of Big Data to Match Users' Interests

1/10/2014 by


One of the recent hottest words in the world of technology, and business in general, is Big Data. Big Data unveils the problem of making sense of all the information companies collect, process, and store during business activities, and leverage this knowledge to provide better experiences and services.

There are a handful of companies that are well positioned to quickly turn Big Data into Smart Data. One of these companies is the San Francisco-based Theneeds, helping users discover relevant news, articles, and videos by collecting, ranking, and filtering the best online content. In order to infer users' interests and bring them the best personalized online content, the company's platform leverages sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to make sense from an incredible amount of data and signals.

"Through our technology we are able to see patterns in the data, and formulate educated assumptions regarding our audience," says Gabriele Pansa, CEO and co-founder of Theneeds. "We are very excited to share some examples of interesting insights we learned from our platform's community."

1. Women value self-improvement more than men do. 
Women between the ages of 30-45 have selected 3 or more interests under the "Learn" channel and read on average 4.9 articles compared with a 3.1 for men. 32% of women read "General Knowledge" articles on a regular basis and 26% consume "Education" or "How-tos & DIY" content, showing how self-improvement represents something women really treasure.

2. Men enjoy their daily dose of gossip even if they don't admit it.
Who said celebrity gossip and the world of entertainment was only for women? According to their figures, 57% of men in the 30-45 age range who consume "US News" also read "Gossip and Entertainment" articles on a daily basis. Men might not be so open to admit it but they are certainly part of the audience.

3. Leisure vs. Family interests, reality match stereotypes.Let's take the Travel channel for instance. They analyzed the 30-45 age segment to discover that 60% of men with three or more interests in the Travel channel, chose "Adventure & Activity," while only 20% selected "Family". On the other side, 36% of women chose the "Family" category, with less than 30% interested in "Adventure & Activity." Sometimes men and women are still well differentiated.

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