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Salesforce Wants App Hub To Be One-Stop Shop For SMBs

24/11/2014 by

W1siziisijiwmtqvmtevmjqvmtuvmzevntcvnzm1l2rlc2tfntc4xzgwlmpwzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwinjawedqwmfx1mdazzsjdxq announced an update today to, their customer service product aimed at small businesses. They have created a app store called the App Hub that includes a bunch of partner apps chosen specifically for SMBs to give them a one-stop shop for the cloud applications they need –and they have created a way to integrate those apps directly into

Among the partners are well known products such as Jira for issue tracking, MailChimp for email newsletter management, Olark to record desktop chats and more –including of course, the core CRM product. The update includes access to all of these tools in one central place and makes use of what they are calling the ‘ Canvas’ to install these external packages and incorporate them into the application.

So if you are talking to a customer, you should be able to see if they have any outstanding help tickets in Jira or which newsletters they subscribe to in MailChimp or their customer record in Salesforce, all from within the interface without having to switch between applications and keep several different windows open. It also saves the customer service rep from conducting a number of different customer searches across these applications to find the needed information related to the customer. If it works according to plan, this should save considerable time spent with each customer.

Leyla Seka, who is SVP and GM for, and who spent the last 8 years running the Salesforce AppExchange, knows a thing or two about how business app stores work, which is very likely the reason she was chosen to lead this effort on She makes it clear that this is a set of curated applications for small businesses, and you shouldn’t expect people will build applications for the App Hub, the way they have for the AppExchange. She said that they didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and make a mini AppExchange. They already have that. They wanted to create a place for small business people to access, incorporate and make use of  a set of popular applications from within App Hub integration also includes telephony tools such as RingCentral, enabling small businesses to answer telephone calls from within if they wish. Many small businesses stick to Web support, but this gives them ability to add phone support when they are ready to do so without having to upgrade to Service Cloud, the customer service tool for larger businesses.

She added that they have also made it easier to move data to Service Cloud whenever a company is ready to do that. She explained there is no clear point when companies switch over and it’s different for each one, but eventually many outgrow and require a higher level of customization that they can get with Salesforce is trying to improve the transition between the two products.

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