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Montash Blog: Cyber security trends for 2015

26/01/2015 by Sharon Shahzad


Cyber security has now catapulted into the mainstream after a year of large-scale breaches and attacks that left some of the leading organisations across the globe reeling. While these hacks and cyber-attacks made headlines, there are also scores of other security breaches that go undetected. They are having an equally devastating impact. These attacks are not going away and are set to intensify in 2015. According to cyber security expert Matthew Goche, “There are more bad actors who are more organised with better tools and have more upside than ever before.”

The increasing use of mobile devices and apps that enable employees to work anywhere at any time will cause key security issues this year. Mobile attackers can gain access to a wealth of valuable and important information including business and personal emails, passwords, corporate documents and access to networks and other software. A survey by TechRadar found almost half of businesses had already been a victim of mobile security issues, which cost them around £165,000 to rectify. The number of wearables and 'companion devices' that connect to these mobile devices is also set to surge, so companies need to be proactive to ensure that everything is protected.

The good news is that the industry-wide shift to Cloud computing will help firms to improve their security activities by increasing visibility across the business. SaaS solutions from and Oracle will provide firms with the threat prevention and data protection they need in 2015. Additionally, adoption is set to rise through a growth in the use of the Cloud for outsourced security services. 

Big Data will also lead to an evolution in threat intelligence this year as firms begin to extract useful information for threat analytics. Business leaders will begin using these analytics to come up with innovative and effective solutions that protect them against newly emerging threats. The focus on consigning silos to the past and embracing a culture of business-wide collaboration will help to keep security measures up-to-date while strengthening it in the long term.

Barracuda GM Security Manager, Stephen Pao concluded: “Focusing on the individual threat is a common approach to IT security; however, this doesn’t work in today’s threat environment.” He also noted “with the move to virtualisation, the Cloud and the mobile internet, the attack surface is expanding. Organisations must make that shift as well to cover all areas of exposure – email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile Internet, and network perimeters.”

This article has been written by Jack Skinner - Cyber Security Consultant, if you have any questions or would like a detailed discussion about your Cyber Security recruitment requirements for 2015, please contact Jack Skinner
on: +44 (0)20 7014 0230 or send an email to

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