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Hybrid cloud model will become the de facto standard, says Key Information Systems: 2015 Tech Predictions

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In 2015, decreased vendor bias will make the cloud more affordable, regional cloud providers will play an active role in cloud adoption strategies, and fears over data security will continue to decrease. This is all according to Lief Morin, President of Key Information Systems, Inc., a systems integrator with compute, storage and networking solutions and services for software-defined data centers.

The cloud, once hyped as the latest technology trend, is now considered an essential IT system component. Rather than cloud adoption being an “if” conversation, it has shifted to a matter of when and how. Despite its ubiquity and availability, successful cloud adoption still relies on effective migration strategies. To that end, cloud experts and regional cloud providers have become more important than ever to both the successful adoption of and the ongoing management of cloud operations. Strategic cloud providers are important and we will see this trend continue in 2015 in the following ways.

Prediction 1: Decreased vendor bias will make cloud more affordable

In 2015, more companies will contemplate the transition to the cloud, which will become easier and more affordable to do than ever before. As more data centers become heterogeneous rather than aligning with one vendor, the cost of cloud computing will continue to decrease. Previously costly, cloud-based operations—such as Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)—will become more affordable and available to enterprises that couldn’t previously justify these services. Cloud providers will play a vital role in assisting enterprises in determining the most affordable and logical step to a cloud transition.

Prediction No. 2: “All public cloud, all the time” will not become the norm

While public cloud technology may offer many benefits in terms of cost and accessibility for specific work loads, it is not the be-all and end-all solution. In addition, there are many work loads and applications that are more appropriate for an on-premises deployment to satisfy regulatory requirements or to meet a specific technology objective. Working with a hybrid cloud provider to create a comprehensive cloud strategy will be imperative to the success of integrating those services in the enterprise.

Prediction No. 3: Hybrid cloud popularity will drive the involvement of cloud providers

The hybrid cloud architecture is and will continue to be a fast-growing strategy that offers the benefits of cloud computing along with the best values of on-premises operations. When determining the right mix of cloud services and on-premises technology, businesses will need the guidance of cloud providers that are knowledgeable about the options and capabilities of both environments.

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