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Is WordPress the way forward for enterprise content management?

9/01/2015 by


Automattic, the firm behind, helps power nearly a quarter of all websites currently on the web, serving about 16 billion pages a month. Its open-source philosophy means that it has spawned a vibrant ecosystem of WordPress specialists of all forms and shape. One of them is Pressidium, a webhosting company, and we've interviewed its co-founder, Andrew Georges, to find out more about the company's philosophy and plans.

TechRadar Pro What does Pressidium do?

Andrew George Pressidium is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform, designed from the ground-up to be highly available and scalable (with no single point of failure). It offers fast, robust, scalable and secure Premium Managed WordPress Hosting. What this means in a nutshell is that owners & managers of sites built with WordPress can host their websites on our platform, and enjoy a completely hassle-free, care-free and easy service, allowing them to focus on their business and not on running their websites.

TRP Why choose Wordpress?

AG WordPress is the world's leading and most popular Content Management System (CMS), used by almost one fourth of all websites on the internet today. As an open-source project the software is free for anyone to use and has a huge global following of developers who have advanced the framework to such a level that it is now the de-facto standard in website development.

Additionally publishers are accustomed to the user-interface, making it very easy for one who is familiar with WordPress to publish content on almost any site which has been built with it. This has also impacted the enterprise arena who no longer want to waste precious resources, time and effort in training their user base on custom or proprietary CMS, many of which have ugly user interfaces, and are now switching over to WordPress even for large corporate websites.

TRP Tell us more about your collaboration with Automattic?

AG Well there is not much I can say, other than we are in touch with them, they have expressed interest from the very beginning and they have been actively testing our platform. In general we are open to all collaborations, especially with companies that drive the industry, like Automattic, as we feel this will in-turn make WordPress even better by further driving innovation and therefore further improving industry standards.

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