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John McNamara at Montash is a proud father of an 18 month old toddler who is a Tech Whizz

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She may be only 18 months old but Chloe McNamara could teach many adults a thing or two about touchscreen technology.

The toddler has already learnt her colours and the names of farm animals on the shiny new iPad which she received for Christmas from mum Ewelina Krzysztofik of east London.
"She got really good after the first week and it's definitely helping her development," says Ewelina, 30, who owns her own company 2 Sisters PR. "If kids are playing with iPhones and iPads now it will be easier for them in the future.

"It will be hard for Chloe to get a job if she doesn't know how to use this type of technology," she explains. Although Chloe's time on her favourite gadget is restricted to about 35 minutes, three times a day, tantrums will often ensue if it is taken away from her.

But Ewelina says her daughter's use is significantly lower than some of her friends' children. "A two-year-old I know goes to bed with his own phone and uses it at night but I think that's dangerous."

According to a recent Ofcom report, four in 10 three and four-year-olds have access to a tablet at home and more than a third of children aged between five and 15 have one of their own.

However while these electronic devices may be seen as an essential part of modern life, consultant adolescent psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham says parents should recognise that tablets and phones can have a significant effect on younger children.

"One of the real rewards of reactive screens, in addition to the bright colours and winning games, is the buzz of achievement of being able to control something at a very young age," he says.

Although this can be harnessed to engage children in stimulating games, it can also result in dependency where a child loses interest in other activities and exhibits signs of anxiety, distress and behavioural problems when the tablet is taken away.

Dr Graham, who has set up the UK's first Technology Addiction Service for young people, advises keeping tablet use to short periods and maintaining clear boundaries so that time spent on a device remains a treat rather than normality.

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