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VMware’s top 8 technology trends for 2015

9/01/2015 by


VMware’s UK&I VP David Parry-Jones and EMEA MD of end user computing Alistair Wildman consider the key technologies that businesses will focus on this year.

1. The year of the mobile cloud

Firstly, demand for mobile working and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) will continue to increase, so businesses must get faster at equipping new employees with the right mobile tools - whether this is hardware or applications. Research VMware conducted last year showed that only 12% of IT departments believe they have all the mobile management capabilities to support staff's mobile needs. Concerns over trust, ownership and delivery capability have held some businesses back from taking advantage of the mobile cloud era and they must now get a grip of this sooner rather than later.

2. The consumerisation of enterprise apps

Consumer apps continue to reinvent our personal lives – providing us with a fast and intuitive user experiences that can leverage massive amounts of data in the cloud to produce valuable insights, such as adjusting times on Google maps to avoid traffic. IT departments have now begun to apply these technologies to business processes, and this year, we’re going to see increased investments to combine big data analytics meshed with existing enterprise data.  From the operating room to the board room, new enterprise apps will combine big data analytics with mission critical application data such as CRM, ERP and healthcare data to provide new insights to any user device.

3. Security will lead the agenda this year

BYOD shows no signs of slowing down, so the security of end-user devices will still be top of the agenda next year. Users should be able to access all of their data and applications on any device of their choice, but IT should be able to manage this in a secure and seamless way. Deploying mobile cloud architecture is arguably the best approach – with data physically stored in the mobile cloud, users can have the same experience across different mobile devices, but data is automatically backed up – and access controlled – through a central location.

Data center security also surfaced as a huge issue this year; high profile security breaches have resulted in the firing of C-suite members – and not just the CIO. As we move further into 2015, new levels of security will need to be in place both for data and brand reputation.

4. Network virtualisation will be key

We have already had more than 250 customers purchase NSX for deployment and we see this expanding rapidly this year, mainly because there is more understanding around the benefits it can bring from both a management and security level. The micro-segmentation piece in particular is what we think will appeal to both IT and the board; realising that you can put a firewall per machine in the virtual data centre, plus easily managed policies around traffic flows on every single guest in the entire centre, will be massively appealing as data centre security continues to rises up the agenda.

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