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HP warns of 'significant deficiencies' in even the newest systems

11/02/2015 by Sharon Shahzad


Ten of the newest Internet of Things (IoT) home security systems all contain vulnerabilities which would allow hackers to carry out successful brute force attacks against them, according to HP.

The computing giant’s follow-up to a report last year saw it focus on products like door and window sensors, motion detectors, video cameras and recording mechanisms – all of which are connected to a mobile device or the web via the cloud.

However, despite being designed to provide security and remote monitoring to their owners, these devices represented a security risk in their own right thanks to a range of authentication and other issues, HP claimed.

Assessing each system according to the OWASP Internet of Things Top 10, HP found that every device allowed the use of weak passwords; lacked an account lockout mechanism that would prevent automation attacks; and was vulnerable to account harvesting.

In addition, two allowed video to be streamed locally without the need to log-in and only one system offered two-factor authentication.

What’s more, 50% of systems had “improperly configured or poorly implemented SSL/TLS.” Many were vulnerable to the recently disclosed Poodle attack or allowed use of SSL v2.0.

Unrestricted account enumeration is another common flaw highlighted by OWASP enabling attackers to access data or controls via the cloud or mobile interface. In HP’s report 70% of IoT systems allowed the former and 50% the latter.

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