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Montash Blog: Big data & analytics – market trends for 2015

3/02/2015 by


​Organisations using SaaS solutions and advanced Cloud-based ERP and CRM systems from providers such as Salesforce now have a wealth of information available to them. According to ITProPortal, firms are currently “sitting on petabytes of Big Data gold mines.” Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics are vital as this data grows in both volume and complexity on an annual basis. All SMEs and large organisations are “losing their ability to compete and win” if they do not use prescriptive and predictive analytics to improve customer relations, increase sales and drive value for services and products this year.

Faster in-memory databases

Real-time interaction with BI and the ability to digest information, gain insights and find a solution to a problem in an instant will be key factors for 2015. Reports on historical data will be consigned to the past as in-memory databases enable companies to react, analyse and take action in a fraction of the time that it took before. This will also enable business stakeholders to make sense of more data from the Internet of Things (IoT) in less time.

Deeper customer insight

New technology will make it easier understand the needs and desires of customers in 2015. The emergence of companion mobile devices, such as wearables, will finally make sensory-driven data a valued source for analytics. Other new tools will also provide a deeper understanding of customer motivations as businesses begin to ask more complex and specific questions and delve further into the ‘why’ of the results they obtain.

Self-service analytics for everyone

Deeper analytics capabilities will become accessible to employees who are not designated ‘experts’ across the business in 2015. Advances in modelling will enable firms to use predictive analytics without requiring scripting or expert consultation. This will allow for a higher volume of decisions that are quicker and as smart as before, but “less painful.” Analysts can now be a salesperson or an operations manager, there are fewer barriers and day-to-day activities will be aided by a growing culture of using complex data effectively.

Simple and rapid integration

More organisations will also begin to integrate their analytics tools within a larger, united ecosystem this year. Employees will no longer tolerate multiple logins and clunky processes in order to manage and move important data. Firms will look to adopt single-sign on systems, along with applications that are simple to use and run alongside other important business tools.

This article has been written by Colin McGill- BI, Data & Analytics Consultant, if you have any questions or would like a detailed discussion about your BI, Data & Analytics recruitment requirements for 2015, please contact Colin McGill on: +44 (0)20 7014 0230 or send an email to

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