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Montash blog: Cyber security – end user and mobile app threats

14/09/2015 by


As hackers become more sophisticated, protecting a business from cyber-attacks, threats and viruses are becoming an increasingly difficult task for SMEs and large corporations. A recent survey by PwC showed that over 40% of IT executives across the globe had experienced a security breach during the last 12 months, with 37% of those reporting significant financial losses as a result. Securing corporate data and guarding against a new wave of threats should be at the top of the agenda for all companies.

One area where organisations are being urged to improve by security experts is data access. Research conducted by Varonis Systems, Inc. revealed that a staggering 71% of employees and end users can now access data they should not see. This problem is exacerbated by the “anywhere, everywhere” trend of cloud and mobile computing, which enables employees to source data across a range of mobile platforms at any time. The figure demonstrates an ongoing inability to secure data despite high-profile security breaches and indicates that the majority of firms are still unable to flag unusual behaviour and incorporate a proactive mindset about security measures.

David Gibson, Varonis Vice President, said: “Data doesn’t need to be missing in order to be stolen. Most organisations don’t track or analyse user activity on their unstructured data, and this makes it far too easy for an insider or an attacker that has gotten inside to steal data without being noticed. Without the proper controls around unstructured data, companies are leaving themselves open for all types of trouble.”

Mobile app threats are also a huge concern for businesses and these vulnerabilities are to be tested further as new payment systems such as Apple Pay roll out to smartphone users across the globe. 60% of popular mobile dating apps are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, and this can put corporate data and other important information at risk.

IBM's z13 mainframe is designed to combat against these ongoing threats by delivering secure data and services, and protecting sensitive transactions. Ross A. Mauri, IBM General Manager, claims that this new mainframe can stop hackers in their tracks by effectively hiding data through point-to-point data encryption. This means that only users with the correct key can access the data. The framework is currently used by 23 of the top 25 retailers in the US due to its acclaimed security and speed. Mr Mauri notes that “companies that can reliably handle high volumes of transactions with great security will be in a position to tap the exploding demand for mobile commerce.”

This article has been written by John Winfield - Security Consultant, if you would like a detailed discussion about your Information Security recruitment requirements, please contact John Winfield on:+44 (0)20 7014 0230 or alternatively send an email to

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