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SDN Is Changing CIO’s Role

11/09/2015 by


Customer service becomes an integral part of the CIO’s role, alongside the importance of a seamless user experience. As digital technologies are disrupting the IT networking industry, software-defined networking (SDN) is seen as the next logical step for CIOs who are looking to continually optimize customer interaction in the complex business landscape.Matt Walterhausen, Vice President APAC, Extreme Networks explains to CXOtoday how SDN is changing the CIO’s role and helping them to stay ahead of the curve.

How are digital technologies changing the IT networking industry?

Digital technology will have a profound influence on the way businesses work and the way they relate to their employees. In the networking industry in general there are number of key drivers contributing to this growth including virtualization, cloud, social, analytics, big data, mobility beyond BYOD and of course the internet of things or the internet of everything. Add to these an ever-rising tide that demands wireless connectivity everywhere, and you can see a lot of potential for continued evolution in both solutions and the general framework of industry players. The need to support increasingly complex and virtualized environments with greater agility is driving considerable change in data networking today. As organizations plan to roll out new networked applications and face repeated disruptive IT trends, they may need to build intelligent software defined networks (SDN) if they want to remain competitive.

How is SDN, in particular, changing the IT networking industry?

The Networking industry, which was moving at a methodical pace of change in the last two decades, is now approaching a disruptive transformation period. As older network architectures were not built to meet the requirements of modern enterprises, there’s a need for fresh architecture that can support evolving traffic patterns and key computing trends such as big data, mobility, cloud computing and BYOD.

The transformation of the networking world includes two radical changes in the underlying infrastructure. Firstly, businesses are moving away from customized and propriety hardware platforms to lower-cost industry-standard platforms.  Secondly, the evolution of SDN, where data control is ‘decoupled’ from the physical infrastructure and directly programmable, enabling administrators to support a network fabric across equipment from multiple vendors. This leads to optimal routing and improvements in application performance, which ultimately provides a better experience for users.

These changes will reshape leaders and laggards in the market, as well as it will change the overall networking industry ecosystem going forward.

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