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Companies encouraged to utilise hidden BI

14/10/2015 by


It has been revealed that although enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions host an enormous amount of business intelligence (BI), many companies do not know it is even there; when they do, they often do not make the effort to gather this valuable information. It is easy for many small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to think they have reached the end of the line when a new ERP tool is finally integrated; however, this is actually just the beginning. If the firms are to really prosper, it is crucial to utilise ERP properly and gain every possible insight available.

Integrating any ERP solution can be an arduous task, as even in the modern day of cloud computing there can be several complex hurdles to navigate. As a result, by the time ‘go-live day’ comes around, many companies are simply looking forward to a celebration; however, allowing the roll-out to pass by without any extra data mining can be disastrous. Firms need to extract and analyse the crucial BI their solution holds; for example, data on invoice totals, the position of late orders and the number of new customer orders can all be discovered and hold important insights for businesses willing to do the work to obtain such figures.

It is not the first time that this advice has been given. In 2011 Aberdeen Group gave a similar warning, stating: “Now’s the time to use business intelligence (BI) tools to tap into that rich pool of data, sitting unexamined on your ERP system. The prize? Increased visibility into what actually makes your business tick.”

In companies where management teams understand the importance of gaining BI, individuals do not always realise just how much an ERP solution can hold. The dashboard holds all manner of information, including mission-critical data that is provided in real-time. There will also be functions to drill across, or down, into company data to facilitate the decision-making process. Dashboards should also be equipped with interactive selections, allowing users to manage risk assessments and time frames.

For firms that have not yet begun to mine the data in their ERP, now is the time to do so. During the last year there has been a significant rise in the number of ERP platforms being integrated into mobile BI programs. An entire new world of data that has been previously hidden can be uncovered by SMEs, which can unveil the inner workings of a business and, as a result, facilitate increased productivity, better decision making and growth. 

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