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Companies wary of adopting Salesforce IoT solution

7/10/2015 by


An expert has suggested that many companies are still questioning the uses and cost-effectiveness of the Internet of Things (IoT). This means’s latest IoT Cloud push may have fallen upon deaf ears, despite the company trying to make clear just what the solution could offer users.

At Dreamforce 2015 Salesforce took the time to reveal a number of new ventures it is undertaking. These include the Lightning Experience, which is a development platform that is more user-friendly and mobile. A new Health Cloud was also unveiled and the customer relationship management (CRM) firm pushed its IoT Cloud; however, THINKStrategies managing director Jeff Kaplan has suggested that many companies are still considering whether it is worth adopting IoT technologies. “We are teetering at the top of the hype cycle for IoT. But there's no question that the hype is already out-pacing adoption,” he said.

One of the major hurdles that is currently holding back IoT is the complicated implementation process, with Mr Kaplan also suggesting that the need for different business units to all buy-in to the roll-out is another huge barrier. Even when a firm comes together and decides to undertake the integration operation, there is still the need to carefully decide exactly how IoT will be used and whether there is a need to include third parties. Mr Kaplan explained that just making these decisions could take a couple of years, especially due to the fact that even those firms on the leading edge of IoT roll-out are still building towards full integration. “There's going to be a long IoT adoption cycle, and how long will Salesforce and others continue to foster that before it becomes a full reality?” he asked.

Mr Kaplan also commented on’s latest strategy in building and connecting its IoT Cloud. “If [systems] don’t interoperate and communicate with each other, the whole idea of having a connected environment [falls apart],” he said. has invested a lot of time and effort into its new solutions, especially Lightning ‒ a technology that is said to make it far easier than ever before for developers to create new apps; however, a seemingly wary industry when it comes to forging ahead with IoT means many of the CRM company’s offerings may be a little ahead of their time. It remains to be seen whether adoption rates will rise or whether companies will continue to shun the IoT in favour of solutions and technologies that have a more proven history.

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