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Office 365 OneDrive no longer unlimited

4/11/2015 by


Microsoft has revealed that Office 365 users can no longer utilise unlimited storage on OneDrive. When launched, the system allowed subscribers to store as much information as they wanted on the drive; however, Microsoft says some people have been too greedy and the decision has been made to cap data storage at 1TB.

For some Office 365 users this turnaround from Microsoft may seem a little harsh and may not show the company in a favourable light, especially for those with several TB of data uploaded. In response to criticism the firm said those using the cloud computing storage platform have just been too greedy in the past 12 months.

On the OneDrive company website an official blogger wrote: “Since we started to roll out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 consumer subscribers, a small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. In some instances, this exceeded 75TB per user, or 14,000 times the average.” The blog went on to say that Microsoft does not want to be seen as an extreme backup option; instead, OneDrive wants to remain focussed on providing a platform that offers the productive and collaborative experiences that the majority of OneDrive users can take advantage of.

The news has not been taken lightly by many. Some individuals ‒ from the photography and video production sectors in particular ‒ have shown extreme frustration at the decision. The move comes just a year after Bitcasa made a similar change to its policy and scrapped its $10 (£6.48) unlimited cloud storage facility. At the time many people applauded Microsoft’s decision to offer an unlimited option. Bitcasa blamed the removal of unlimited access on ‘abusers’ ‒ those who at the time appeared to be businesses taking advantage of individual storage accounts to backup vast amounts of information.

Microsoft has been quick to address the issue of removing its unlimited data facility, explaining that OneDrive was always meant to be more than a simple storage and backup option. Its blog revealed it had made the changes to allow continued delivery of an intelligent, connected and collaborative service.

For those who have more than 1TB of data stored on the drive, there is no need to panic just yet. Microsoft is giving people a year to transfer data over the new limit elsewhere; in addition, consumers who are not happy will be able to apply for a pro-rata refund.

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