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SAP releases new functions with HANA SPS11

30/12/2015 by


SAP, one of the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions firms, has released its latest update with HANA SPS11. The new addition tackles IT, development and analytics, in addition to incorporating security support and high availability for critical systems. With Gartner naming the company as a Magic Quadrant leader for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) needing ERP, the future looks bright for SAP.

SAP’s newest release is HANA Support Package Stack 11. Although announced in December, it has actually been available since November and many companies are utilising the raft of new tools it provides. One of the key changes to the system is to ensure that all companies can benefit from the features, regardless of their size. This means that SAP continues to be one of the leaders in this area.

SAP’s head of marketing for HANA, Marie Goodell, said: “We think that HANA is being adopted because of its unique nature, that not only is it an in-memory database, but it combines this with analytics, application services and data integration in a single platform.”

Included in the latest update is a hot standby system that allows companies to quickly switch from their primary system to a standby system, thereby reducing the fallout from a failure event. A built-in SQL injection prevention feature means that any SQL coding deemed malicious can be prevented from executing, while a new security dashboard provides an even more visual interpretation of key performance indicators. There are also enhancements for data analysis, with text analytics allowing users to more easily identify key points in a sentence and gain improved language insights; meanwhile, spatial analysis has been sped up by utilising spatial partitioning across multiple nodes.

In addition to the latest update, SAP has received a welcome accolade from Gartner, which has suggested that SAP is an industry leader when it comes to single-instance ERP in a product-centric sector with midmarket companies. This is the fifth consecutive year that the SAP Business All-in-One has been recognised in the Leaders quadrant, with analyst organisation Gartner saying this is due to the firm’s “set of visionary solutions with strong execution”. With SMEs often requiring a one-stop solution to conduct the majority of their work, SAP has become one of the go-to firms.

The Business All-in-One solution is an ERP tool designed specifically for SMEs. Over 26,500 companies around the world use it to conduct their business operations, provide efficiencies and streamline organisational processes.

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