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Why businesses increasingly secure data in the cloud

12/01/2016 by


Despite previous fears that cloud computing is not secure, more businesses are placing critical data in the cloud as a way to safeguard it. The latest survey from Rackspace highlighted that security has become one the biggest accelerators for cloud adoption, with 38 per cent of migrations to the virtual environment carried out due to security concerns.

In Rackspace’s new Anatomy of a Cloud Migration report, it was outlined how almost four in ten businesses now recognise that their data’s safety can be improved by moving it into the cloud. Over half of companies move their most critical data first; in addition, younger companies are more likely to trust cloud computing than older organisations.

When questioning business experts, Rackspace asked what the driving motivations for moving into the cloud were. Reducing IT costs was the highest priority, gaining 61 per cent of the responses, while half of those asked said it was a way to boost their disaster recovery capabilities and resilience. Gaining a more secure system came in third place with 38 per cent.

These figures suggest that contrary to the popular belief that the cloud is vulnerable to attacks and breaches, many businesses are more than trusting. Rather than testing the market with low-value data, firms move their most significant and critical information first.

Brian Kelly, Rackspace’s Chief Security Officer, said: “Cloud has long been associated with a loss of control over information, but more and more businesses are now realising this is a misconception. Organisations are increasingly seeing the cloud as a means to keeping their systems and information safe and in the year ahead security will be an accelerator, not an inhibitor, of cloud adoption.”

From the report it is clear that gaining better security is a top priority; however, businesses also realise there is no room for complacency, with many survey respondents saying privacy and security remain a concern. 48 per cent still say that security in the cloud is a large worry, followed by the cost of the migration and the fact they are losing control to a third party provider, with 39 per cent each. 36 per cent said that application availability and performance had been raised as an issue.

Responding to this, Mr Kelly explained “There is a growing realisation from organisations that buying into a cloud provider also means inheriting a new security team. Many businesses do not have the expertise or budgets to combat a growing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks in-house, but using the cloud − with the support of a team which is able to dedicate a large number of resources to security − will help to keep data safe at a fraction of the cost.”

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