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Cloud – Oracle and Salesforce announce new platforms and software

10/02/2016 by Sharon Shahzad


Oracle has announced that it will be boosting its cloud capabilities in the UK after adding a new platform-as-a-service expansion in Slough. The data facility currently provides SaaS solutions to more than 500 customers across the globe, and they will now be able to exploit new digital innovations using Oracle’s Java environment and development tools in the cloud at low cost. UK customers will also be able to use Oracle’s platform in their own private clouds and behind personal firewalls.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has predicted that at least one IT practice will be completed entirely in the cloud by the middle of the next decade, as customers become more comfortable using the tech available to them, and the cloud infrastructure, software and platform capabilities matures. Hurd also values the current development and testing market, which has been nicknamed the “dev-test”, at $300 billion and has predicted that the cloud could save business $150 billion collectively due to the more bespoke nature of paying for only the resources they require.

Oracle president, Thomas Kurian added: “We have introduced PaaS capabilities into the UK data centre to ensure Oracle continues to help customers maximise existing technologies and new innovations and allow CIOs to set the agenda for the future of their organisations.”

Meanwhile, Salesforce has also announced a new cloud service called Field Service Lightning during a major corporate event in San Francisco. The new product will be available for Service Cloud in April and is designed to help organisations to deliver a seamless customer experience by connecting the entire service workforce with tools for agents and employees who are on the go.

The company said in a press release: “Dispatchers can leverage smart scheduling to provide automatic, real-time assignments based on employee skills, availability and location. Service employees in the field are able to create and update work orders, and can also change requests and job status from any device, making them more productive than ever.”

A new study from Gartner shows that SaaS is expected drive growth in the cloud market this year and will account for $37.7 billion in sales, while PaaS will account for $4.6 billion. The overall public cloud market will be worth $204 billion, which is a notable rise from the $175 billion recorded last year. Gartner research director Sif Nag said the surge was due to more organisations “pursuing a digital business strategy” which requires them to convert out-dated IT services to the cloud.”

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