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Salesforce Lightning Connect makes migration simpler

3/02/2016 by


Migrating and integrating technological solutions has always been problematic, and the process can cost a lot of time and money for businesses to complete; however, Salesforce hopes to remedy this with Salesforce Lightning Connect – a tool that provides real-time data integration to make the customer relationship management (CRM) solution migration easier.

Salesforce dominates the CRM market and already holds a strong reputation for providing simple integration with other systems; however, there are still troubles to be had when moving data around. Lightning Connect should offer companies a way to copy their data more accurately, efficiently and easily. Instead of using the traditional method of copying and pasting data at both ends of the migration, Lightning Connect automatically maps the external Salesforce objects of an alien system, helping to ensure a smooth transition is experienced.

There are several situations when Lightning Connect might enable companies to get their migration done quicker and more simply; for example, it is ideal when firms need to migrate their system standards and do not already have a lot of unnecessary data being stored. Lightning Connect is also perfect for withdrawing small chunks of information, or when individuals need real-time access to relevant data instead of searching through huge data silos.

Salesforce has created Lightning Connect to use an Open Data Protocol (OData) standard, which contributes to its ease of use. OData is also an OASIS standard, helping businesses to define the best practices of working with RESTful APIs. One of the huge advantages of this is that companies no longer have to consider how to approach defining HTTP methods, status codes, URL conventions, request and response headers, query options, media types and other identifiers; in addition, as Microsoft and SAP already use OData, there are easy integration points available to make Salesforce migration simpler.

Salesforce has been offering integration tools for a long time; however, the arrival of Lightning Connect adds a new angle due to the solution, treating external live data as native objects. The platform utilises SOQL, APEX triggers, lookup relationships, custom tabs and details to do this. The solution is also relatively lightweight, offering a simple way for companies to access external data without leaving the Salesforce solution.

Overall, Lightning Connect is set to quickly become one of the most advanced technologies to benefit enterprises, especially those with a lot of external data that needs to be accessed in real time.

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