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Cloud security demands five key skills

22/04/2016 by


The cloud computing industry has grown quickly, and as an increasing number of companies adopt some form of cloud strategy, qualified and experienced employees are in strong demand. In a report from IDC, it was estimated that public cloud service spend will increase around 19.4% every year until 2019. It means that the current spend of $70bn will rise to around $141bn. With many businesses making the transition to the cloud, IT professionals with five key skills are expected to experience strong demand for their services.

For many professionals already working in the cloud computing industry, there’s the opportunity to skill-up in key areas to take advantage of niche demand. Ethical hacking, compliance, platform-specific knowledge, encryption and communication will become essential must-haves, and those who have such skills are set to be snapped up by organisations around the world.

Compliance has become a large issue since businesses have begun to use cloud storage or backup services. As soon as data is moved from an internal device to external storage, companies must ensure that any data remains compliant with industry regulations and laws. IT professionals need to be equipped with the skills to know which data can be moved to the cloud and how to write the right terms into service level agreements.

There is also the need for platform-specific knowledge, especially when companies are making decisions over which cloud platform to use. IT professionals with knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, not to mention some of the other smaller and emerging options, are likely to be in demand.

Ethical hacking is a valuable skill for modern IT professionals to have. Businesses need to be able to test security levels of their public, private and hybrid cloud deployments, and they need hackers who can combine a variety of tools to test the stability and security of such platforms and identify the weaknesses.

There will also be the need for encryption experience, particularly after the recent attack on TalkTalk, where cyber criminals intercepted unencrypted information packages. Encryption is likely to become even more essential. It is one of the best ways to gain tight data security. Ensuring that the stream of information is safe is paramount.

Finally, there is the need for communication skills. Both the security and cloud industries often include a lot of complex jargon, so IT professionals need to be able to communicate complex concepts simply.

For companies, it’s important to ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary skills. For IT professionals, gaining these skills will put them in prime position for job opportunities.


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