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Demand for SME BI continues

6/05/2016 by Sharon Shahzad


During 2015, there was a lot of debate about the business intelligence (BI) demand from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The year saw the emergence of the “digital transformation” phrase, and interest in the cloud continued to grow. However, in the background, the popularity for reselling BI also saw significant gains. With SMEs requiring more real-time data across a number of channels as a way to combat increased competition from larger corporations, those producing such software have focused on small firms, and continue to do so.

There hasn’t been any great news regarding BI in 2016, but demand from customers has remained strong, particularly for tools that offer real-time data. In conjunction with this has been the wish for simple and easy-to-use dashboards.

Intuitive Business Intelligence Director Tony Bray explained that SMEs continue to demand BI at record rates as many firms look to gain greater control of their operations. “Users can spend weeks getting information and producing diagrams and charts for people to then make decisions on, but the information they are looking at can be five or six weeks out of date,” he explained. The result is that Intuitive Business Intelligence is now looking for a way to offer embedded analytics solutions as part of its managed service packages. “We are seeing a strong growth from partners and many are looking to embed analytics in the application. Everyone [at the customer] is demanding to be able to look at the information and partners need to be able to enable that easily,” he added.

With market conditions so favourable, there are large changes afoot with Intuitive Business Intelligence. Traditionally, the company has been a channel focused operation that’s communicated with partners through a single tier model. However, with such demand for real-time BI from SMEs, the firm is looking to expand the reseller base as a way to reach a wider market.

Meanwhile, MarketsandMarkets explained that the general adoption of cloud services continues to grow, and this has further helped the rise in interest for cloud BI and analytics software for SMEs. Forecasting results from the research firm suggests that the Business Intelligence and Analytics Software Market could grow from 2015’s $17.70 billion to $26.78 billion by 2020. This significant gain results in an 8.4 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). The only thing that could hold this back, MarketsandMarkets suggested, is the lack of skilled experts enabled with experience to exploit and gain the best performances from BI technology.

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