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Tech firms utilising simple tricks to protect from cyber attacks

5/07/2016 by Usha Tyagi


Incidence rates for cybercrimes are on the rise, and it means that associated risks are also climbing. For example, a hospital located in Washington, DC experienced a breach on its core system that pushed the facility back to a paper-based era. To combat the problem of cybercrime, companies around the world are increasingly utilising intelligence and innovative safeguards to protect themselves from attack and limit the fallout when breaches occur. For tech firms, there are three easy tricks to significantly boost protection.

The first trick is to regularly conduct password resets. Though this might seem obvious, studies have found that some companies do not even change the default logins provided when software is installed, leaving them extremely vulnerable to attack. Many modern programs actually require a password to be changed every few months. However, a report from said: “Only 56 percent of employees surveyed are confident that their password usage habits in the workplace are secure.”

To increase password strength, companies can use a random password generator that updates and stores logins in a cloud system. This makes it easier for employees to use passwords that are hard to remember.

The second trick to help secure networks is to use VPN services to safeguard data transmissions. Antivirus software was created to stop thieves hacking computers, but many people forget that criminals want to access data, and this information isn’t held on computers but is transmitted around the world whenever people connect to the internet. This gives an opportunity not only to track data but also to intercept and steal it. By using modulating IP VPN services, internet IP addresses are changed every time the internet is accessed. This makes tracking data flow increasingly difficult.

Finally, technology companies also use clean state computer reboots. In the past, many computers running on Vista and Windows XP would boot using a Windows SteadyState feature. This meant that systems were restored from a previously saved state so that any rogue software or program that had installed itself was effectively stripped away. Modern defence systems include Steadier State and Reboot Restore RX.

Protecting against cybercrime is extremely important, and many companies invest huge amounts of money to shore up their safeguards and protect against attacks. However, some of the best practices are simple tricks that cost very little, and if these steps are used, cybersecurity measures can be greatly enhanced.





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