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Worst cybersecurity measures found in Asia-Pacific

30/08/2016 by Usha Tyagi


In a new global survey of cybersecurity, Asia-Pacific has been identified as the area that is most lacking safeguards. In this region, the period between a breach and its identification is three times higher than the global average.

The latest research was conducted by Mandiant, a US security firm. On average, the number of days between a security breach and its identification is 146 days. Whilst this might sound large in itself, the average period in Asia-Pacific is 520 days. It means that hackers may have infiltrated a system and stolen data for more than a year before the problem is discovered. And, in a worrying addition to Asia-Pacific’s problem, Mandiant also found that the region was 80 per cent more likely to be the focus of a breach, with 3.7GB of information stolen during an individual attack.

Having collated data from around the world, Mandiant was also granted permission to hack into an organisation’s network as a way to test the security measures in place. With a group of experts, it took just three days to breach the network. Talking about the concerning issue of cybersecurity, FireEye (Mandiant’s parent firm) Chief of Technology Grady Summers said: “If an expert group of hackers can do the same in three days, imagine what they can do in 520 days.”

There are also worries over public awareness. Many of the cyber breaches in the Asia-Pacific region are not generally reported on, for example. This is because industry-government bodies and government departments have failed to develop effective breach laws.

Hacks can go far further than stealing people’s personal data, though. For example, the BBC reported that breaches had the potential to take charge of infrastructure, such as transport systems, or even power stations as happened last year in Ukraine.

With the concerning lack of security in Asia-Pacific all too obviously apparent, it seems that some nations are intending on addressing the issue. For example, there have been reports that China will be significantly boosting its cybersecurity measures. One method will be with the development of strict cybersecurity standards for any foreign tech firms relating to data storage and government security checks. However, there have been allegations of domestic favouritism, with the US suggesting that such measures could be used by the Chinese Government looking to home-grown technology firms instead of allowing Western businesses access to the market.

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