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How Great Leaders Cultivate Great Teams

13/06/2017 by Nandip Aulak


There's a difference between being a boss and being a leader. Leaders know how to inspire the best from their teams to achieve industry-leading results. For our latest blog, we spoke to our Managing Director, Roy Dungworth, to discover how businesses can create a culture that inspires great people to do great things together.

Success in business doesn't begin and end with great leadership. Great leaders inspire their teams to want to do more and be better. The difference between a boss and a leader is that a great leader never shies away from leading by example, cultivating cultures that allow individuality and most importantly surrounding themselves with people who are often better at many things than they are. You can't be a great leader without great people, right?

An organisation runs much better if everyone feels that they're involved within an inclusive business. If it's not transparent by default you run the risk of ostracising certain groups. Transparency is explaining the rationale behind decision making, not just making a decision and executing it.

Everyone should have a strategic goal. Have a robust plan that has the ability to be agile. Remember, it doesn’t matter if the journey isn't a straight line as long as it reaches the same destination and it's OK to have a few bumps and scrapes along the way.

When it comes to people, it's easier to teach skills than it is to teach attitude.

Surround yourself with individuals that demonstrate resilience, empathy and a willingness to learn. A great team is also one made up of those who embrace your organisation's culture. Poor employee attitudes can derail your business efforts. This makes the managing of employee attitudes a critical management function, especially when you're driving your team to greater and greater challenges.

"I believe that how someone has performed in the past is a direct indicator of how someone will perform in the future and that is not always about results but about the attitude towards achieving those results. Throughout my career I've found that people buy into the vision and they're excited to be part of an exciting journey.

"In fact sometimes people move to new opportunities where the salary is less and where the challenges are greater - but they're motivated by being part of something exciting. Who'd have thought it!"

- Roy Dungworth, Montash CEO

Never assume that anyone comes to work to do a bad job. No one comes to work for 7 hours a day to be bad at what they do. They want to earn and succeed. But money isn't the key motivator for great teams. You can't inspire truly brilliant things from people just by paying them. The best leaders understand that they need to inspire their workers but they also recognise that everyone wants something in their career, and it’s up to the leader to deliver that to them.

Greatness comes from dedication and drive and constantly challenging yourself.

When employees recognise that their leader is working hard to push them towards their personal career goals, they’re even more likely to harness the passion and dedication needed to do amazing work. Surround yourself with people that are maybe more capable than you in areas. If you're threatened by great people you'll never have a great business.

A great business comes from great people, I have no doubt about that. You have to have confidence in your own abilities and a real hunger to take the business further because if your desire is to take the business further you know you need to work with great people. 


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