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Common Hiring Mistakes for SAP Consultants

8/09/2017 by Nandip Aulak


Choosing the wrong consultant can lead a project down a ruinous path. Deadlines get missed, quality of work decreases and money is wasted. When you're putting together a new SAP project, getting the right talent is paramount.

We discussed hiring mistakes with our Senior Business Manager, Adam Blaney and asked him the question of how to minimise risk in hiring SAP Consultants.

“Hiring any form of technology based consultant is difficult. The hardest part in engaging with SAP freelancers is judging how their prior project experience matches the programme they are coming into."

Choose a candidate who demonstrates the expertise that aligns to your project goals, not just a prospect with a wide range of experience. Consultants working on your SAP project must have previous implementation experience and the proper skill set you are looking for.

"Knowing the technology can sometimes be the smallest part of the role. Project leaders must also consider the business processes, team size and how many external partners are on site."

SAP projects often require the consultant to work across numerous locations and departments. Experienced SAP consultants are able to translate the business language and SAP terminology in a way that everyone can easily understand. Failure to quiz your prospect on this and you might end up with a bad hire.

Effective onboarding is key to optimising the productivity of any new hire, regardless of how long they stay. If you are not equipped to on-board in a timely manner and equally make sure that any workshops or training is done at an early stage, the consequences to your projects can be disastrous.

"All of this will determine whether or not someone will be able to hit the ground running or need support from the project team to get up to speed."

Choosing a bad hire impacts everyone involved, including the SAP consultant in question. Not only will they have to live through a bad experience, but they may have missed an opportunity to be effective in a project better suited to them. And the right hire, where ever they may be, may have missed out on advancing their career by working on the project.

"A bad hire or an incorrect hire in a SAP programme can last for months until it becomes an issue. By then, you could have spent over £15,000."

When a SAP hiring mistake gets made, there is responsibility, and consequences, on both sides.

"If you are not 100% sure on if that person can do the job, there is nothing wrong in asking for a trial working day or even a shorter notice period in the first month to ensure the consultants fit.”

The best way to get the right SAP Consultant is to do your research. "One of the key ways to minimise risk in the hiring process is through the use of references. Most agencies will now submit these as part of their service but think about tailoring these. Ask an agency or a referee questions specific to you."

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