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Montash Help Students Prepare for the World of Work

22/11/2017 by Nandip Aulak


London is a tough place to be unemployed, especially for those without qualifications, skills or relevant experience. Today, we're facing a skills shortage in the UK, particularly in the tech industry.

In response to this, we have see a huge push from government and the private sector to address this issue. And Montash is proud to do its part.

The health of our skilled workforce across all sectors relies on engaged and switched on young people that are able to navigate the working world straight out of the gate.

Here at Montash, we work with people every day to prepare them for a job interview or provide career advice. We wanted to take our everyday skills and share our knowledge with young people who are not sure about what the world of work really entails. Sharing knowledge with the next generation is a simple way to ensure we are doing something to help close the skills gap and provide the students with support and guidance about what’s next for them.


Enriching Communities

As part of our dedication to enriching the community and supporting a future of confident and skilled young workers, we teamed up with Groundwork London.

Groundwork London is an environmental regeneration charity who are dedicated to enriching communities and the lives within them. As part of their push to provide training and education for employment opportunities, we brought our expertise in recruitment to bear.

In partnership with private and public sector employers, Groundwork London deliver training and pre-employment programmes designed to increase the confidence and employability of Londoners who are facing the greatest barriers to employment.

Together, we delivered a career workshop day to The Green School, a girls' school in Isleworth, Middlesex. The goal of the day was to provide guidance and understanding to the Year 11 students about the world of work. From practical CV writing and interview skills to giving them a broader understanding of what it's like to leave school and join the workforce.



"It has been fantastic seeing students from The Green School fully participating in the various workshops and discussions delivered by Montash with such enthusiasm. Thanks to the good humour and accessible nature of the Montash team, the young people were visibly emboldened and felt confident to ask critical questions of the Montash CEO and other staff members.

"The success of this joint delivery was seen in the students demonstrably gaining practical knowledge and skills to apply in their immediate future careers; be that in education, training or employment. Thank you Montash for your time and energy in putting together such a successful programme, with materials that will have a lasting impact on these young people and future students."

- Groundwork London


The Work Ready workshop

The day started with icebreakers and practical interview techniques. Each student selected a job role and interviewed for it. Then, in groups, they discussed how the interview went and shared feedback. Of course, the students were nervous and apprehensive, but they did a fantastic job in answering interview questions.

Following the interviews, we had a couple of sessions discussing the world of work and personal development. Plus, a talk and Q&A session led by Andy Larholt, CEO at Montash. Andy talked about the role of a CEO, how he started Montash, and what it takes to start a business. He was also grilled by the students with some tough questions.

The Montash team sat on a hot seat panel where students were able to ask as many questions as they wish. The students were interested how did you decide if you went to university, what was the value and experience.





From these proactive and interactive sessions, we ended with CV Crunchtime. Drawing on all they had learned, the students were tasked to critique some CVs, then submit a group CV, to be judged by our recruitment experts. The students created fantastic CVs which included education, skills, experience and personal interests. But there could only be one winner and Andy made the call on the day.

"The young people really enjoyed the Montash experience; they were able to explore career options especially within the technology industry. For young people to participate in activities which enabled them to write a professional CV and participate in mock interviews definitely left a lasting impression. I was really happy with the way young people engaged and asked questions around their futures."

- The Green School


Tapping into future jobseekers

Spending the day with the students at The Green School gave us some great insight into how young people see their working future. Most of the students felt that the internet was the place to find work these days (68%). Social media saw a healthy level of interest too.

We also discovered that our polled group of students think making money is more important than further education. 57% of the students said that making money is very important when leaving school, while 39% said further education was as important. This suggests that young people are more keen to get out there and start earning than committing to a degree.

This could reflect the increase in opportunities for young people after education. University is no longer the only go-to next step like it was ten years ago. Young people know that they have more options to start working and earning sooner while developing the skills they need outside the classroom.

Ultimately, the day was a great success. The students were happy with every session and left feeling more informed about the options available to them when they finish school.  


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