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New Year, New Career!

3/01/2018 by Nandip Aulak


time for a fresh start?

Finding the best talent in the tech industry is what we're all about. But to do that, we need top talent of our own. The recruitment market is competitive, fast-paced and offers a wealth of opportunities for the right people.

If the New Year is getting you in the mood to try a new challenge, maybe you have the right stuff to make a splash in the recruitment industry. As a leading global technology recruitment agency, here's what we look for in our own talent.


Recruitment is all about developing and maintaining strong and lasting relationships. Top recruiters have the ability to empathise with everyone they meet, from clients to candidates. They need to really dig into hiring managers’ needs to understand candidate requirements.

Hiring managers would prefer to receive 5 spot-on CV's instead of 50 that don’t meet their needs. Recruiters also need to think from a candidate’s point of view. If they want to attract great people, they have to understand what’s meaningful to them and see what an employer can offer them.

People are naturally drawn to those who display empathy because they create a natural connection of mutual understanding with everyone they meet.

"For me, recruitment is all about building relationships with people. The important thing is the energy, expertise and passion I and the rest of the team bring to our clients. We genuinely want to be there and be that partner that companies can trust and rely on, especially in recruitment."

- Matthew Gilbranch, Montash Managing Consultant

Though the temptation may be to launch into a conversation by talking about how great your agency is, it’s important to sit back and listen to the client or candidates needs and requirements first. Empathy and understanding are key to underpinning successful long term relationships.


A recruitment consultant's day is always different. You need to be comfortable with a fast paced working environment and be able to shift gears when the need arises. There are times when you need to fill a position quickly, particularly in the tech industry.

You also need to be able to cater your service and your availability to a variety of clients with their own specific needs. Recruiting is not about ‘one-size-fits-all’ programs and procedures that work quickly. It’s about constantly tailoring recruiting approaches to meet specific hiring needs.

"We respond to changes in technology faster and respond to the needs of our clients, candidates and our employees better.  If you work for an agile organisation, individuals are also more agile."

- Roy Dungworth, Montash MD


Another fundamental characteristic you'll find in all recruitment consultants is drive. This is a results-oriented business, where your successes are have far-reaching impacts.

You aren't just filling a role, you're giving someone a life-changing opportunity to start a new career. You aren't just meeting client needs, you're empowering them with the talent they need to launch products and services that put them at the head of their market.

Successful recruitment consultants require energy and dynamism to consistently exceed the expectations of their clients and expand their network of contacts.

For good recruiters, there is no such thing as a bad experience. Mistakes are valuable learning lessons. When they don’t achieve the results they expected, good recruitment consultants analyse what went wrong and how to avoid it next time.

They celebrate small and big wins, from a quick hire to landing a candidate into a coveted, hard-to-fill role. But they’re also continuously seeking ways to improve. To stay ahead of the competition, they need to follow all current tech developments and keep in touch with their clients to anticipate their upcoming needs.

So if you're looking to make a new start in the New Year, consider a career as a recruitment consultant. If you feel that this blog is describing you, maybe you have what it takes to enjoy a thriving career in this exciting, fast-paced market.

Talent is at the core of everything we do. We find the top talent for our clients and ensure we do the same for ourselves. We have a vibrant atmosphere with individuals who place a high emphasis on our culture and core values. Montash is an ideal and unique place for those who want to succeed and be rewarded. If you are ambitious, driven and focused you will thrive here amongst like-minded people.

Do you have what it takes?


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