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7 questions with a recruiter... Dan Palmer's recruitment story

27/03/2018 by Nandip Aulak


In our latest blog, we spoke to Dan Palmer, Principal Consultant here at Montash. Over the last three years he has worked his way up from Researcher to managing international relationships for leading tech clients. We asked him 7 questions to get the inside scoop on what it's like to work in recruitment.

1. What Did You Do Before Getting Into Recruitment?

I left college at 18 and faced the question that everyone in my shoes has to answer: Go to university or choose something else. For me, something else was heading into London and start working. I worked for an insurance company for two years, which gave me plenty of phone sales experience in a commercial environment.

2. Why Did You Choose Montash?

I had a family friend who has been successful in recruitment many years ago and after Hastings, I found that developing relationships with clients was something I discovered a passion for. So in 2014, I got a job as a Researcher at Montash for the Oil & Gas market… and I haven't looked back since.

3. Tell Us About Your Experience in Recruitment

My first year was all about learning the recruitment ropes. I learned very quickly that phone time is golden. The more time you can spend talking with clients and stakeholders, the faster you build relationships and the better you can serve their needs. During that first year I learned a lot about international recruitment.

After getting promoted to consultant after a year, I moved to IT and, building on my experience, helped build up Montash's presence in the German IT recruitment market. I've been working on that to this day, working on strategies to develop myself personally and helping drive the business forward.

4. What Challenges Have You Faced?

When I started out, I found that getting the technical elements down was a big challenge. One of the tricks with being a great consultant is understanding the market you're working in inside and out. For IT, you need to understand a great deal of technical knowledge.

IT is a competitive market and sometimes you get candidates with several jobs on the table to choose from, so you have to be flexible. This is a people business, so it's important to be sympathetic and understanding, no matter what happens.

5. What Have Been Your Biggest Successes So Far?

I've had two promotions in three years, which I think is a great success. It just goes to show how far you can go in recruitment if you have the drive. It's a rewarding career. I think the other successes were in securing some top clients. We now have strong relationships in place with three of the top five German companies.

6. How Do You Get To The Next Level?

Putting a plan into action. I think you can spend too much time worrying and not enough time on being proactive. A plan without action is just a plan at the end of the day. For me, I want to focus on developing our relationships and working with a diverse range clients - that will be my personal growth.

7. What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Be less critical of yourself. Do the activity and the results will follow. Just do it. Focus on what you're doing, not what everyone else is doing – you'll see better results that way. Finally, enjoy the ups and learn from the downs.


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