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"We Need Cybersecurity Specialists!" Cry Businesses

1/03/2018 by Nandip Aulak


Cybersecurity skills are in the highest demand, but in least supply, according to new research. The research from the Capgmini Digital Transformation Institute has found that businesses are sorely in need of cybersecurity skills.

According to the study, the UK has the world’s third largest cybersecurity talent pool. But, almost 70% of organisations are reporting high demand for cyber skills, while only 40% already have those skills present within the company today.

Why is there a need?

Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated every day. The more connected we are to technology, the greater the risk of security breaches.

The implications of a cyberbreach for organisations are potentially devastating, from direct costs to reputational damage. Yet in spite of the risks, organisations are still struggling with a shortage of cybersecurity talent.

2017 saw global companies being victims of large scale attacks, governmental cyber espionage and multiple high profile examples of poor data practice.

As a result of these highly publicised events, there is an increased awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. Now, small businesses and larger enterprises alike are beginning to increase their security budgets and demand cybersecurity specialists.

How to cultivate your security talent

According to the report from Capgemini, slightly over 80% of cyber security professionals agreed they would prefer to join organisations with a clear path for career development. This suggests that organisations need to carefully consider their onboarding and development policies.

The report also reveals that cybersecurity employees value organisations that offer flexible working arrangements, encourage training and prioritise clear and accessible career progression.

A difficult work-life balance was revealed to be one of the five worst aspects of the job by cybersecurity professionals on social media, and the main reason why they leave or remain dissatisfied with their company.

In a highly competitive recruitment market, organisations must also look at the engagement of existing employees to ensure talent gaps don’t worsen. They should also consider the unrecognised cybersecurity skills that lie within their business.

The data from Capgemini suggests that half of all employees are already investing their own resources to develop digital skills, showing an appetite to upskill.

Organisations that struggle to recruit externally may be able to uncover candidates with adaptable skillsets, such as network operations or database administration, who can be trained.

By adopting talent acquisition initiatives, encouraging training, and developing retention strategies that appeal to cybersecurity talent, organisations can take a valuable step in upgrading their cyber protection for the current and emerging risks of our connected world.

You can find the full report from Capgemini here.


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