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How to Market Yourself for Your Dream Job in Tech

6/07/2018 by Nandip Aulak


If you want to land your dream job, you need more than a new suit and a CV. While job vacancies have increased by 7.6%, competition for top jobs remains fierce. Learning to market yourself as a prime candidate for a tech job can help you stand out from the crowd and help get you the job you want.

There are general skills that anyone can do to market themselves better. But for tech jobs, there are some specific things you can do to better present your skills and expertise.


Get the skills

Whether you're a SAP Consultant, a Java Developer or a Cloud Security Architect, if you want to get your dream job in tech you need to have the skills. You need the right education and real world experience to perform highly technical roles. No matter how well you present yourself, you still need to be able to demonstrate that you have the technical expertise.

Do your research

In addition to knowing about the position you're applying for, find out more about the company's ethos and attitude. This not only better prepares you for the interview process, but also helps you understand how to present yourself in the most favourable light.

Cultivate your digital brand

Make sure your life on social networking tool is professional and appropriate. More and more companies use LinkedIn and Facebook to assess whether or not you would fit within their corporate culture. LinkedIn is also an excellent place to demonstrate your industry knowledge. Publish content as a LinkedIn article and join groups and engage in industry chat.

Create targeted job application materials

Having relatable examples of your works, relevant to the job you're applying for, is an excellent way to market yourself. Hosting work on sites like GitHub allows recruiters and hiring managers alike the chance to see a showcase of your skills.

At Your Interview

Always use active language

Get to the point right away when answering questions. Use specific verbs like increased, improved, founded or maintained. Focus on your actions and how they affected your previous companies. If you need to give a long answer, think first then speak. That will reduce the chances of you sounding indecisive.

Get specific

Numbers serve well to describe exactly what impact you’ve had on an organisation. Did you increase productivity? Give a percentage. Did you work in teams of a certain size? How big? Numbers also help break up the text your CV and help give value to your accomplishments.

After Your Interview

Follow up

The after-interview is an important part of promoting yourself. Just because the interview is over, doesn't mean the assessment of your character is. Set yourself apart from the pack by sending a hand-written letter rather than an email. Or send something more than a stock "thank you" email.

Be careful on social media too. If you start talking about your interview on Facebook right away, the hiring manager might see and judge you accordingly. Remember to maintain an optimistic outlook until the hiring decision has been made.

Marketing yourself is becoming more and more important in highly competitive tech market. Whether you're a contractor or looking for a permanent role, maintaining a personal brand is essential to your future career success.


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