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When Should You Reach Out To An External Recruiter

31/10/2018 by Nandip Aulak


Making the decision to start outsourcing your recruitment comes to all businesses sooner or later. Whether you're undertaking a transformation project, going through sudden business expansion or are aware you require specialist recruitment skills working with an external recruiter is the right thing to do.   

The only question you need to consider is: How do you know when it's time to call in an external recruiter?

When hiring for a highly specialised tech role, such as a SAP MII developer, with a very specific set of skills and truly specialized background it makes sense to use a recruiter who is just as knowledgeable. It allows you to hand over to someone who lives and breathes that area  and can utilise their knowledge and expertise to the best effect for your business.

If you’re working on a brand new cloud project and need to hire an entire team of Cloud experts you need to work with a recruitment team who have direct access to a talent base that can effectively fulfill the role. It’s even better when that recruitment team know exactly what skill set any potential hires need to drive your project forward.

When a key stakeholder turns to your recruitment team and asks for something they've never heard of, what do you do?

You find someone with the expertise to help you find what you need.

Advantages of Outsourcing Recruitment


Utilising the skills and experience of professional recruiters can help you to avoid many of the mistakes inexperienced recruiters make.                

In addition, specialist recruiters are able to bridge the gap between the specialist and the hiring manager. They understand the technical requirements you need and are able to source top technical talent.

Cost cutting

59% of businesses who outsource business functions do so as a means of cutting costs. This is the primary driver for outsourcing because it removes so many ancillary costs from the business.  


Over time, businesses experience peaks and troughs in their staffing requirements. Project work starts and finishes, peak times come and go.

Unlike a static recruitment team that experiences the extremes of workload, an external recruitment company can scale as the business does, ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness at all times.

This is also an ideal solution for organisations going through expansions or opening new locations where many hires are required by a strict deadline.

However, Here’s A Couple Of Things To Consider

Worried About Losing control?

Some companies are wary of losing control over the candidates they ultimately end up interviewing. This can result from previous bad experience, or unwillingness to let go of control.

The best external recruiters act as a true partnership, maintaining as much communication as you need for peace of mind, while  working as flexibly as necessary to find you the right talent. 

What About The Wrong Cultural Fit?

Recruiting a candidate who is the wrong fit for your team could result in low staff morale, which has knock-on effects across the business. This is why it's so important to hire a recruiter who takes the time to fully understand your business’ culture.

However, many companies are aware of this and do their utmost to find you a good fit in every way. That's why 78% of businesses feel positive about their outsourcing relationship.

Contact our team for specialist advice on how to make the right choice when it comes to external recruitment.

Benefits of hiring external recruiters

Recruiters can be immensely valuable to the recruiting process of many high-growth companies when used for the right purpose. The best recruitment consultancies are able to source unique talent from their sector or stage-specific network of candidates.

Top tech recruitment agencies specialise in providing a big picture perspective of the industry and updates on the changes in personnel, pay scales, and competition over time.

This ensures that you are hiring with the most up to date tools and information available and are able to be as competitive as possible in attracting top talent.

If you're looking to expand your team, register a vacancy with us today.

Why Use Montash For Your External Recruitment?

Oliver does a great job at finding the right opportunities that end up as agreeable win-win situations. Assessing the desires of both employer and employee, and giving guidance by asking the right questions and being honest and open are his most remarkable traits. Oliver will find the right job for you and he will be there to accompany and assist you on the journey to claim it.

Montash has provided me with multiple great opportunities that fit my skill set and expectations. Constant support, virtually all-time availability when there are questions and continued proactive communications helped me a great deal. It was always made sure that I knew the next steps and how to proceed. I recommend working with Montash on your next career steps. Montash has found the right job for me.

Martin Wood

Senior FICO Business Analyst



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