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5 Reasons Culture is Crucial in the Montash Workplace

6/12/2018 by Nandip Aulak


Sales, placements and targets are part of our daily drive. What is important to remember, though, is that for a company to deliver the best results, employees must be working in an environment that allows them to really thrive.

Head of Marketing and Operations, Nandip Aulak, shares 5 reasons on why culture is crucial in the Montash workplace.

1. Culture is the DNA of our company

I strongly believe that the culture we work and live in is created by the people in it. It is really important for businesses to constantly be thinking about not just what they do, but who they are; their personality, their identity. This is especially important in the realm of marketing, as marketeers play an integral part in communicating a clear and compelling message, while also creating the overarching culture.  

Montash is a recruitment company and proud of it. It’s fair to say that recruitment faces some flack with a reputation for being solely sales and target driven. What people don’t realise enough is that, by nature, recruiters have to be empathetic, good listeners and resilient. They really care about the candidates and clients they work with and support. This is all built in to the culture of Montash; we’re professional yet personable. Our employees are encouraged to show who they are and to let their personalities shine, with a sense of fun and humour along the way.  

2. Attracting and retaining top tech talent

Montash underpin everything we do with our brand promise; providing a great service, knowing our market, and building meaningful relationships that are based on trust and respect. And that goes for our employees, too. We want to ensure that every member of our team feels like they matter; because they do.

We source the best tech talent to join our workforce and want to make sure that they stick around. That’s why we strive to support employees in their personal development, offering opportunities to learn and grow throughout their career.

Inclusivity and having an open dialogue about what works and what doesn’t is healthy for any company. Team members should feel comfortable enough to raise challenges with their colleagues/line managers so that issues can be resolved quickly.

75% of employees say they’ll stay longer at a company that listens to their feedback and addresses their concerns.’

3. Work/life balance reduces stress and increases positivity

The work/life balance aspect was one of the factors that contributed to why I personally joined Montash. I truly believe that in order to work to the best of your ability, you need to have a break. Your brain needs a break. It may sound simple but there are a lot of companies that are very KPI driven and work/life balance can often fall to the bottom of the priority list very easily. When I am on holiday I am not contacted or approached about work and it’s so refreshing. That’s not to say that I don’t check in, of course - that’s just me!

4. Teamwork makes the dream work

I sit with the sales team and I love it. The environment is ambitious, hardworking, inclusive and fun! Integrating across departments like this can be great for moral and team building, as we are actively engaged in each others work activities.

We are a very social team and enjoy: team nights out, a Directors top table for high performers, holidays to celebrate successes and lots of fun incentives in between, such as the Montash advent calendar where employees are rewarded with the chance to win a prize each day.

Montash are made up of a collection of powerful voices and every one should be heard. That’s why we have recently launched a campaign called ‘Voices of Montash’, where our employees - from Consultants to Senior leadership - share knowledge and insights that they have gathered along their journeys. This is not only for our external audiences, but it also allows us to learn from each other.

5. Good culture helps productivity to soar

“If Culture Comes First, Performance Will Follow” - Dan Pontefract, Forbes

Do we find people jobs? Yes - just like any other recruiter. But what we don’t have is layers and layers of decision makers before an idea comes to life. We work in an environment where a process change doesn’t require sign off from 10 people. If you can justify why, and it makes sense, you get to see that change happen quickly and effectively.

All of the points above will affect the productivity of our work. Montash are empowering employees through embedding culture in everything we do, providing a space for open dialogue, prioritising work life balance, encouraging social activities and ensuring all voices are heard. We want every individual to be proud to work for, and represent, our company. And we know that if we get our culture right, business can soar.

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