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Highlights from Montash AGM 2019

19/02/2019 by Nandip Aulak


The Montash AGM is a day designed to inform, motivate and support Montash employees. Most importantly, it should display how, for us - it really is all about the people.

Recruitment is a pressured environment; our consultants are working hard every minute, helping tech professionals to find the perfect job or candidate to join their business. So, it’s important that our employees feel happy in and outside work - that they are able to couple work goals with life goals. We wanted our AGM to reflect that and to ensure that the content of the day was relevant to everyone in the room. The best way to do that is to keep it real.

On the 24th floor of the Shard, we launched into our theme of ‘Discover You’, focusing on three areas: identify your weaknesses, discover your potential and realise your ambition. Members of the team stood up to share their Montash experiences and alongside these were discussions around the company direction, plans and strategy - looking at how our everyday work fits into the bigger picture.

Image: Managing Director, Roy Dungworth, presenting to the Montash Team


Encouraging our employees to be open, honest, and to look at where they can grow is embedded in the Montash culture. Business Manager, Mat Wale, shared how he turned his weaknesses into strengths through his top tips; believe in yourself, have solid processes in place and, in cases of opportunities vs threats - communication is key.

Image: Mat Wale (Business Manager) covers 'Discover your Weaknesses'


Roy Dungworth, Managing Director, provided an insight into how discovering your potential can really change your career and lifestyle, and that supporting employees in discovering their potential is a key contributor to job satisfaction. “We want all of our people to enjoy their job and to be successful. It is incremental changes in what we do everyday that makes the difference,” explained Roy.

“Every part of the process and strategy present opportunities to increase potential; every negotiation with a candidate and client, every time terms are agreed, every time you shortlist for a vacancy or visit a customer and every time you set up your day plan and look at what your KPIs are for the day. That’s the great thing about recruitment - you can improve potential for success in so many ways. It’s a state of mind and a choice you own 100%.”


Harry Glover, Principal Consultant, shared that his main ambition is to, ‘Enjoy life!’ Through learning from his mistakes, persevering, having a clear focus and following processes, he was able to rise to the recruitment challenges in the journey of his career at Montash. And it took him all around the globe, as he enjoys holidays abroad - one of his passions in life.  

Acknowledging that we all have bad days, Harry encouraged that if people stick with it and be patient, the results will follow along.

“The AGM enabled staff to understand the business from top to bottom, offering an open appraisal that not only highlighted the many successes of the last year, but also, refreshingly, some of the challenges. For me it was an opportunity to take stock, align my ambitions and measure my own performance and development. Roddy Coltart, Consultant

Image: Harry Glover (Principal Consultant) on discovering ambitions and 'enjoying life'


CEO, Andy Larholt, delved into the ‘finding your why?’ - exploring ‘why recruitment?’ and what motivates us all. “Understanding why - both yours and others’ - can be extremely powerful and can lead to success, happiness and fulfilment. It’s a skill I use to be a better recruiter, friend, husband, manager, leader and father, although I’m still developing and learning in all those areas.” Andy shared.

Hearing from the CEO during this event, on a personal level, was really inspirational. Andy spoke about his own recruitment career plus his aspirations and how they have changed over the years.” Sade Ibrahim, Consultant.


Montash believe in rewarding the success stories of our employees, and we were able to present awards to several members of staff on the day. Stand-out members of the Montash team were thanked for going above and beyond for: top billing, meeting the brand promise (service, knowledge, relationships), management and more. Winners received certificates, awards and some were even awarded with a trip to Cancun in Mexico.

The fun didn’t end at the Shard that day. We continued into the evening with a trip to The Ivy, where we enjoyed a chance to mix with colleagues, catch up on the day and enjoy dinner and drinks. All in all, a very successful day. Look out for plenty more to come from Montash this year.

“Some of the key takeaways from the day involved the speeches from colleagues. Although you see these people daily, hearing them open up about their struggles and how they overcame them is always inspiring and eye-opening. Montash know how to finish big and this year’s dinner at The Ivy really was the cherry on top of an excellent day.” - Ben Cockin, SAP Consultant.


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