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Relocating For A Job In Tech

20/08/2019 by Nandip Aulak


Tech has really become a very popular market to enter as an employee. There are so many jobs that are currently available, and the field is becoming more exciting due to the advances technology is bringing to the world and the industry itself. However, one of the more striking aspects of tech jobs is the need to relocate. Many companies settle in towns or city close to each other. Some operate far away from you. Some even operate in other countries. If you get the call to move home for a tech role, think about the following.

The place itself

While it may be exciting to think about moving for a new position, the fact that you are also moving to a new geographical area is also a big factor. You need to be ready for that. Take some time to look at the new area. The climate, for example, is always a factor, and if you are moving further afield it is likely to be a huge factor. If you have a family it becomes even more complicated. You will need to think about schooling, amenities and even safety in neighbourhoods. There's a lot to think about on a geographical level for relocation.

Ensure all is above board

We’re totally sure it is,but if you're considering moving somewhere else to pursue a career goal, it’s worth making sure that you have everything in writing, from the job offer to the contract, before you even leave your driveway. We wouldn’t be offering this advice if it wasn’t true that some companies are less than scrupulous, and are perfectly happy to offer jobs left, right and centre and then suddenly drop the job offer at a later date. That date could well be when you’ve sold our home and are ready to move. Keep it professional, and get everything in writing.

Always take an opportunity to visit

This is perhaps more appropriate for those who have had a few offers over time. Always make sure you take a good tour of offices and the surrounding areas. If the job is in another country, this may be a little difficult, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn’t get a feel for the place itself. Some companies even offer virtual tours of their offices. The very best companies in tech know that relocation is a big deal. So they arrange for candidates to take a tour, simple as that. They want to make sure that the candidate feels comfortable about all the upheaval they are shortly to experience.

Finally, relocation costs

Believe it or not, some companies don't offer relocation costs. So don’t even offer money towards relocation. For the poor employee, the big upheaval and the associated costs are all down to them. While some companies don’t pay for it all, you should expect some kind of reimbursement for the trauma of moving house so you can work for them. Make sure you ask and get a clear picture of what you’re entitled to.


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