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Curveball Questions in Tech Interviews and How To Answer Them

22/10/2019 by Afiya Fenton


Curveball Questions In Tech Interviews And How To Answer Them


We all know what it’s like. In fact, anyone who has ever had a job interview before will have actually experienced the ‘worst’ kind of question. We’re talking about the ‘curveball’ questions, those questions that are just so unexpected and random it can seem like you’ve stepped into an alternate reality, one where questions about everything except tech are the norm when you have an interview.


Do not fret, we’ve taken some of the most curveball questions out there, and we thought we’d show you them, and hopefully show you how to answer them.

If you were an animal, what would you be?


This one is a bit of a classic. It’s weird, but quite manageable once you know the motivation behind the question. They are simply hoping to find out a little more about your personality and how it will fit into the workplace. 


If it’s a leadership role, mention some characteristics of powerful creatures, but be careful not to seem aggressive. Leadership also requires wisdom and empathy, and those two aspects should help you identify animals that make sense for the role.


Are you a risk taker?


This is a tricky question, because some companies don't like the risk taker type. You understanding the company you are applying at is vitally important here. If you know the company culture, then you will know how to answer the question.


If they like taking risks, then jump into that culture in your answer, making sure they know that it's something you do too.


If it isn’t a risk-taking culture, consider how you answer it, focusing on some aspects of risk-taking, but nothing that is going to cause any problems once (and indeed if) you start working for them.


Why shouldn’t we hire you?


This question is guaranteed to scare some candidates to death. It’s one of those questions that you just don't expect to have to be in a position to answer. However, it is actually a lot simpler than you think. It's not worth panicking over, and it could do wonders for your chances of securing a job.


Convince me to hire you


You might argue that this is something you are doing throughout the duration of the tech interview anyway, but you may get this specific question. Don’t panic. Instead, think of just two or three reasons why the employer should take you on. 


Having just two or three reasons means that you should be able to keep it concise and clear. This will make it more effective and much more likely to get you the results you want. They’re not looking for exaggeration, or empty messages that aren't specific. Think about the job spec you saw and give two or three ‘reasons’ with that spec as the guide.



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