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How Great Leaders Cultivate Great Teams

Any person who has worked for multiple companies will know that there is a difference between being a boss and being a leader. Leaders know how to inspire the best from their teams to achieve fantastic results all whilst creating an environment that is conducive to good work.

The difference between a boss and a leader is that a great leader cultivates a culture that allows individuality and surrounds themselves with people who are often better at many things than they are. You can’t be a great leader without great people, right?

  • It’s easier to teach skills than attitude - Surround yourself with individuals that demonstrate resilience, empathy and a willingness to learn. A great team is also one made up of those who embrace your organisation’s culture. Poor employee attitudes can derail your business efforts.
  • Greatness comes from dedication, drive & always challenging yourself - When employees recognise that their leader is working hard to push them towards their personal career goals, they’re even more likely to harness the passion and dedication needed to do amazing work. Surround yourself with people that are maybe more capable than you in areas. If you’re threatened by great people you’ll never have a great business.

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