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How to Complete A Good Interview 

You’ve got an interview – but how do you ensure that you make the best impression? What should you do before the interview?

The old adage that manners don’t cost a thing rings especially true when interviewing. Being polite and courteous will always place you in the best light with an interviewer and leave them with a good impression of you. This could be as simple as the following.

  • Arriving 5-10 minutes early to the interview - Often interviews are scheduled around the interviewer’s day to day tasks, turning up very early means that they either must rearrange their day or someone else’s so that they can look after you whilst they finish their current tasks. This also gives you time to read through your notes and relax prior to the interview.  

  • Greeting them with a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact – First impressions count.  A firm handshake exudes confidence in yourself and in your ability to transact business effectively. Along with a strong handshake, steady eye contact is very important in making an excellent first impression.  Throughout the conversation, make sure you look the interviewer in the eyes. This will help you to appear confident and will develop trust as you continue meeting with them.

  • Thanking the interviewer(s) for their time – Conducting an interview with a candidate is taking company time, so regardless of how you think the interview went, you should thank the interviewer for their time. It also ends the interview on a positive note and could make all the difference.

For more hints and tips, download our helpful interview advice guide.