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What is the apprenticeship scheme at Montash?

Our apprenticeship scheme is designed to train and develop our apprentices into successful recruiters and support team members. We provide a clear career development structure for our apprentices; through the academy they are taught the basics of recruitment and working in a professional environment. Most part of their training is to learn on the job, where they are given a mentor who provides 1-2-1 support as and when needed.

Apprentice’s at Montash have the opportunity to build a long term career within our business support department and in our recruitment teams. We provide an open platform in which apprentices can fulfil their passion and potential across a range of disciplines covering; Accounting & Finance, Admin,  IT,  Sales or Recruitment.

What is Montash’s history with apprentices to date?

Having started the apprentice scheme in January 2014, it’s a relatively new scheme for Montash but one which has been highly successful.

We took on 8 apprentices across the business and are very proud of their progress and involvement in both business support and front-end sales – recruitment.

All of our apprentices are doing extremely well, some having completed the apprenticeship and are now moving up the career ladder and another step closer to achieving their personal goals.

How does Montash help apprentices? / What support and training do the apprentices get from Montash?

Montash provides professional support throughout an apprentice's time with the business through deskside coaching and classroom training. A senior member to mentor for daily support to enable them to successfully take on their new roles. Alongside this, they also receive further support from various training providers we partner with to ensure they are confident and completing their chosen qualification.

Our leaders are also firm believers in leading from the front;  Inspiration is truly the key to our apprentices success.

What career progression opportunities does Montash offer its apprentices?

Many of our current apprentices have grown in their roles especially in recruitment consultant positions and are now miles ahead of their peers, some earning in excess of a typical graduate income having been with us less than 18months.

What is the environment like for an Apprentice to work at Montash?

Montash creates a supportive, dynamic, results driven  environment for our apprentices. A fast paced, high tempo environment providing a clear path to a lucrative and career led future.

Can I be promoted whilst doing my apprenticeship programme?

A meritocratic environment with endless opportunities for apprentices to progress and be promoted in their career at Montash.

Do apprentices get time and support to complete the apprentice coursework?

Working in a mature environment apprentice are trusted to manage their own workload and dedicate time within the office to complete coursework.

Why should apprentices join Montash?

If you are an ambitious, career driven and success hungry individual who wants a business to invest into your potential,  dedicate time and resources to ensure you can accomplish your best, Montash is the place where it can all happen.

  • Montash is a great place to work... perfect location, great team and massive potential for future career growth. It’s a pleasure working for a company that shares its vision with all the employees – it makes succeeding and achieving your goals worthwhile.

    Jack Skinner - Consultant
  • Montash is a company full of enthusiastic and energetic people who are all driven to achieve. It is a fast paced, fun environment and every day is different. The office is awesome, the people are great and I love a bit of ping pong at lunch time!

    John Winfield - Consultant Information Security
  • I have worked with Montash for almost 3 years now and what I have seen every day since I joined is the respect and value people treat each other with. This is a company, which truly celebrates everyone’s success and that is a rare thing to find in this day and age. Montash for me is a brand that everyone should aspire to have in their workplace.

    Hannah Young - Consultant Architecture & Strategy

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